Luh Tyler - Dennis lyrics

Tyler Meeks

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Flexin' on that bitch, hold up
We get cake, we get Benjis

I chase that pape, that's all that we know
She shakin' ass, she off that Migos
Ain't talkin' 'bout cash
Don't speak my lingo
Jumped in the game, I got a cheat code
Just drop a bag 'causе you a cheap ho
I'm peepin' shade straight
Through the peepholе
This shit get reckless just like Rico
My shades on, no, I can't see folks
Shades on, no, I can't see
Nigga, I been countin' up cheese
Those rhinestone, them ain't VVs
Bro'nem spin just like CDs
Just like the bank, I'ma chase
Niggas broke, they gon' hate
Beat your bitch down, ain't no date
Can't save a ho, ain't got no cape

When they drop that bag, I need it all blue
If it's 'bout that cash, I might fall through
Know my bitches bad, yeah, they all cute
Get to talkin' 'bout that motion
Niggas they go mute
Niggas hate but don't got motion
Niggas really hoes
Niggas, they be super slimey
They might blow ya nose
Exotic gas in that blunt, bitch
This ain't no lows
I got twenty racks on me, niggas
Off of shows

My bag big, don't need no wallet
You on your ass, that niggas stallin'
I can hear that paper callin'
Like twenty-three, lil' bitch, I'm ballin'
Just like Giannis, we get bucks
Pour that drank, double cup
Broke the bank, doubled up
Bitch, I done blew, done bubbled up

Chase that cake, we get Benjis
Talkin' 'bout pape, we got plenty
That bitch a freak, off that Henny
Bro get retarded with his semi
Niggas broke, ain't worth a penny
Just wait 'til I drop that pendant
No back and forth, bitch, this ain't tennis
Bro keep that Rod, just like he Dennis

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