Luh Tyler - First Show lyrics

Gang, ayy, yeah! yeah, ayy
I'm on some different shit, feel me?
Yeah, gang

They like, "Damn, boy, you got your own flow
You on some different shit" (yeah)
This ho getting my nerves
I need a different bitch
I don't wear designer
I be steppin' in some simple shit (On God)
Oh yeah, I'm finna pop my shit like a pimple
Bitch (Oh yeah, Chris)
Tell me how you hatin' on
Nigga you don't even know? (What the fuck?)
Hoes be out here really cap
Call 'em Pinocchio (Pinocchio)
I'll never switch up on bro
I'm stickin' to thе code (To the code)
Niggas hatin' on my motion
This shit gеttin' old

At my first show
I might have your bitch front row
(Front row) white bitch, look like Elsa
Had to let her go (Let her go)
I'm really snappin' in this rap
Just had to let you know (Let you know)
A nigga high, but sometimes, I be feelin' low
(Feeling low) i'm tryna run that money up
I need my hundreds all in rolls
I'm in Tallahassee, nigga, uh
With the Seminoles
Got a nigga snappin' back to back
I'm really in that mode
Jump inside that Trackhawk and I'ma
Whip it like some dough (Whip it up)
Jump inside that Trackhawk, yeah
You can hear the motor (yeah)
I been kissin' Mary Jane
You can smell the odor
Young, steady gettin' wiser
As I'm gettin' older (Gettin' older)
I need to go and grab a coat
My heart been gettin' colder
(Gettin' colder)
I'm John Cena in this rap, no
You ain't seein' me it's a bad white bitch
She come from Tennessee (Tennessee)
I ain't fuckin' with that jit
He ain't no friend of me (Friend of me)
Luh Tyler snappin' on the beat
You feel the energy (Energy)
Young nigga raw as fuck, I'm already knowin'
I was talkin' to Lil Gnar, he told me
"Keep going" (Oh, yeah, that's gang)
I just jump on the beat
And I just keep flowin' (Flowin')
I been runnin' up a check
The money steady growin' (Stack it up)
I been runnin' up a check
I want my money tall (Money tall)
I'ma put my nigga on, so, now, we all ball
(We all ball)
On all ten, standin' tall, I can never fall
(Never fall) a nigga feel like John Wall
I just wanna ball (Wanna ball)
I been on a paper race, gettin' to the cake
(To the cake) if you ain't on a money
Chase then we can't relate (We can't relate)
A nigga feel like Frosted Flakes
I been feelin' great (Great)
You won't catch me in the mix
A nigga out the way (Out the way)
You can tell a nigga booted
Look into my eyes (yeah, my eyes)
I be kissing Mary Jane, right now
We in the sky (We in the sky)
Uh, uh, uh, uh, feelin' like that guy
Kick that bitch straight out that
Spot, tell the ho, "Goodbye"
I get dumb on the beat but I be movin' wise
You can't see me in this rap
It ain't no need to try
Ayy, yeah, it ain't no need to try
(It ain't no need to try)


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About the song

Fans of the rising rap artist Luh Tyler are buzzing with excitement after the release of his latest single "First Show." The song has quickly gained traction, garnering over 150,000 views in just one day, and fans are praising both the catchy beat and Tyler's unique flow.

Listeners have commented on the song's nostalgic feel, with some reminiscing about their childhood and others likening it to waking up to MTV music videos in the morning. Many followers have also noted Tyler's ability to create vibe and playa music, with some calling him the "goat" (greatest of all time) in that genre.

Some of them have compared Luh Tyler's style to other artists like Jack Harlow and Larry June, with one supporter suggesting that Tyler should collaborate with June on a smooth cargo beat. Others have noted the influence of Detroit rap on his sound and have even likened his flow to that of Veeze.

However, not all reactions have been positive. Some have criticized the song's repetitive lyrics and have urged the young artist to expand his vocabulary. Others have expressed concerns about the explicit content in the song and accompanying music video, arguing that it promotes a negative lifestyle and could lead to serious consequences for the 16-year-old rapper.

Despite the mixed reactions, it is clear that Luh Tyler has struck a chord with many music lovers. They are continue to applaud his growth as an artist and encourage him to keep pushing boundaries while staying true to his unique style. Only time will tell how Luh Tyler's career will unfold, but for now, it seems his star is on the rise.

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