Luh Tyler - You Was Laughing lyrics

Tyler Meeks

Yeah, nigga, phew yeah, nigga
Mm, mm, mm yeah, nigga
(Yung Hydro Beatz) skee

Chasin' after money, runnin' up that dough
Nigga, I get high when I be feelin' low
I ain't ever felt this shit before
(Ain't felt this shit before)
I'm comin' up, I feel I'm about to blow
Niggas moving snake, no, I can't trust a soul
I'm pushin' P, no, I can't cuff a ho
(No, I can't cuff a ho)
We gettin' money, that's for certain
She want me to buy her ass a Birkin
I told that bitch she perkin'
(Like, what the fuck?)
In the stu, nigga, every day
You know we workin'
I rap, but some of my niggas serving
I pull up and I'm swerving
(Know I'm swerving)
On the interstate, I'm switching lanes, bitch
(Swеrving lanes, bitch)
I can't fuck with none of thesе hoes
They gon' end changing
(Gon' end up changing)
Man, these hoes be changing
Friendships, they sinking
(yeah, they sinking)
I don't gotta sweat, bitch
I get paid by just thinking
(Just by thinking)
Nigga, why you hangin' with them lames
Bitch? (With them lames, bitch)
Everybody with me got some change, bitch
You know we on that same shit
(We on that same shit)
I just want that money, fuck that fame shit
(Like fuck the fame, bitch)
Racks got me limpin', need a cane, bitch
I just wanna see Johnny Dang, bitch
(See Johnny Dang, bitch)
Nigga rollin' like some dice
Yeah, you know I need a bad
Thick bitch like Ice Spice (Uh)
Gotta stay up on them paper checks
Make sure my pockets right (Pockets right)
Hit the road, I'm gettin' bands
I'm out of way, i'm out of sight
(Out of sight) i been feeling like a king
But I don't play for Sacramento
(For Sacramento)
I wasn't tryna rap for real
I did that shit on accidental
(On accidental)
Bitch, I went and ran that chicken up
And dropped it in my dental (Dental)
And these niggas, they be beefin' over hoes
Why you so tender?
(Why you so tender, nigga? Fuck)
I ain't beefin' 'bout no thot ('Bout no thot)
Runnin' up that chicken
Want my pockets filled with knots
(Filled with knots)
I'm finna see the top, I know it, nigga
Just sit back and watch
(Just sit back and watch, nigga, yeah
Just sit back and watch, sit back and watch
Nigga) ain't gon cap
I never thought this shit would happen
Nigga, I just came up out the blue
And took off with this rappin' (Rappin')
Now I done turned into a star, bitch
I remember you was laughing
(yeah, nigga, bitch I remember
You was laughing, nigga, skee)

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About the song

Luh Tyler's "You Was Laughing" has received widespread acclaim from listeners who appreciate its captivating beats and distinctive vibe. Many enthusiasts believe it to be one of the best tracks they have heard all year, praising Luh Tyler's talent and flow. They commend the video's production quality, noting the excellent use of a nice car, which adds to the overall appeal of the visuals. The track's energy and catchy rhythm have caught the attention of fans, with some even comparing Luh Tyler's potential to that of prominent rapper Lil Baby. However, not all reviews have been positive. Some listeners express their dissatisfaction, claiming that the track falls short and does not meet their expectations. They feel that Luh Tyler has sold out and strayed from his original style, which they found more authentic and engaging. Despite these criticisms, many others stand by Luh Tyler's talent, acknowledging his growth and evolution as an artist.

Luh Tyler's style has become a subject of discussion among music enthusiasts. Some listeners appreciate his unique flow and delivery, emphasizing that his music resonates with the younger generation. They find his lyrics relatable and enjoy the laid-back vibes he brings to his tracks. Comparisons have been drawn between Luh Tyler and other successful artists, such as Nardo Wick and Lil Kodak, due to their similar styles and approaches. On the other hand, critics argue that Luh Tyler's lyricism lacks depth and originality. They claim that his rhymes and wordplay are basic and lack substance. These critics highlight the repetitive nature of his lyrics, suggesting that he needs to explore more profound topics and enhance his storytelling abilities to make a lasting impact in the industry.

Opinions regarding Luh Tyler's potential and future vary among listeners. Many supporters express their belief that he has a bright future ahead of him. They admire his dedication, work ethic, and the strides he has made at such a young age. Some even predict that he will become one of the industry's biggest stars, drawing parallels to the success of other renowned artists like Lil Baby. However, there are skeptics who question Luh Tyler's longevity and success. They argue that the music industry can be challenging and that his current popularity may not translate into long-term achievements. These skeptics urge Luh Tyler to surround himself with the right people and continue evolving as an artist to secure a lasting impact.

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