Quadeca - LEGEND lyrics

"Look, I was gonna go easy on you
Not to hurt your feelings, but I'm only going to get
Five-hundred-thousand coins
Someone's overpowered, I can feel it, just a feeling I've got
Like a legend card can make something happen
But I don't know what, if that means what I think it means
My opponents are in trouble- big trouble
And if Gullit is as good as people say, I'm going to be spending lots of coins
You are just what the doc ordered

I'm beginnin' to feel like a legend (Legend)
We're old players that people were forgettin' (Forgettin')
EA made an offer we're acceptin' (Acceptin')
Now they get all that money that you're spendin'

Hi, I'm a football legend, I came down from football heaven
My stats are pretty shit, but I'm still really expensive
Even though they're recommendin' sendin' those coins that we're spendin'
Falcao's a better bet and he's higher than eighty-seven
You got Herman Crespo, that motherfucker don't let go
They way he plays is perfecto, zooms past everyone like a metro

When you say "Ready, set, go", he makes opponents bitches like Petco
Eto'o and Negredo, those strikers will never get close
Let's move on to the next, so we got the legend George Weah
I'd say that he's worth it, look at those stats on an eighty-nine-rated player, damn!
Now let's talk about Luis Figo, bugs opponents like a mosquito
24/7 remains in beast mode, wins every game, don't need a cheat code
Mi amigo, you would shriek so loud if you came up against Romario
But EA kicked him out of the game, so I guess I'm sorry, bro
Just like Lake Ontario, I flow ice, England is where we're goin'
I tried to rhyme a couple high-rated legends, so we show Michael Owen
I'm rightly knowin', England World Cup hero, Man' United, show him
We might be throwin' back to the past, my steady tempo is slightly growin'
Next player on the microphone, I think some of you might just know
No poetic justice, can't write no poem to describe this guy and his price alone
He is Pelé, they say to buy this guy, it's a payday
You need to sell your house to afford him, barely anyone can record him
Being pulled from a pack legitimate, there's no reaction from a little kid
Ten-million coin bid on it, that's big money, ridiculous
Like a thousand dollars in real life, cut your wallet open with a steel knife
Life savings is what it feels like, but EA bans coin buying? Real nice
Fifty-six legends, it's on- where's fat Ronaldo and Zidane?
Where's Maradona? That shit's wrong, can't fit 'em all into this song

I'm beginnin' to feel like a legend (Legend)
We're old players that people were forgettin' (Forgettin')
EA made an offer we're acceptin' (Acceptin')
Now they get all that money that you're spendin'

Lyrics comin' at you with ninety-nine pace
Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, you assumin' I'm a legend
What I gotta do to get it through to you? I'm not a Lennon
Crazy stats, and I got some chemistry, so mess wit' me
But anything won't get to me- I am just a great invention
Hate to mention that I made a lesson into a profession
On the field, I hope you know I make a great impression
Skills all the way, truly is the greatest blessin'
Come against all these squads, and they are guessin'
That I know to demolish them
I score great goals, you score really bad goals, bro
"Oh, he's too slow for me"
Well, that's what they say when I beat their team solo
It's crap, shit stats kick ass
Honestly, I don't even know, bro
All I want is for you to see a legend come against
You and you freak out like "Oh no"

I'm beginnin' to feel like a legend (Legend)
We're old players that people were forgettin' (Forgettin')
EA made an offer we're acceptin' (Acceptin')
Now they get all that money that you're spendin'

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