Quality Control, Lil Baby - Sides lyrics

Cook that shit up Quay yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah i'm 'bout to lift off

Mama couldn't pay the rent so
We got kicked out
Now her living room plush, I pay the rent now
Got a million in my bank account, I'm lit now
Redbone from overseas getting dick now
I put VVS on my teeth, I put VVS on my bitch
I put VVS on my kids
Niggas can't do the shit that I did
Signed for a two million dollar deal
I put a half a mil on my crib
Man this trap shit really real
I ain't been rapping for a year
My lil niggas in the cut throwing gang signs
I been running with the guys, I got mob ties
Keep my shooters in the house
They don't come outside
Ain't sleepin' 'til we eatin'
Ain't letting shit slide

I was just sittin' in the
Prison but I'm rich now
Thinking 'bout the time I wasted
I bust my wrist down
Seven-figure young nigga no more licks now
But if he sweet, I want it all
I make him get down
My sisters ain't gotta worry
My niggas ain't gotta learn
My system filled up with syrup
I'ma keep poppin' these percs
Told my label I quit trappin'
Hope they know that was a joke
Told my plug I'm never quitting
He can bring another load
I put Fear of God on my jacket
Put Givenchy on my coat
Every now and then I still fuck a rachet
It's just somethin' 'bout her throat
I'm a god in my hood
Give them young niggas hope
Put a mil up in case
I ain't never goin' broke

Always with the guys, never picking sides
New crib big as fuck, you should see inside
Four car garage, you can pick a ride
Everything I say facts
These niggas tellin' lies
I been heatin' up, I'm 'bout to lift off
I been heatin' up, I'm 'bout to lift off
In the studio all day, I turn my flip off
YSL jean jacket, I be dripped out

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