Redman, Icarus, Jamal, Scarface, Treach - Real Niggaz lyrics

[Redman, Icarus, Jamal, Scarface, Treach - Real Niggaz lyrics]

Yeah, now
Now is you motherfuckers ready for this?
Do you really think you ready for this?
Do you know that you ready for this, huh?
We gon' see if you ready for this

I be the street sweeper nigga
Quick to leave your whole block
Shook and shot at
From fuckin round with the mi dack
Eleven, twenty-four, act 47
Fuck who's standin around them get
Close up and down and
I done came here to get brains
Shoot you twice in your stomach
Then leave your boxin shorts
Full of shit stains you're bitch made
You ain't a gangsta you a sucker ass
These niggas scared of your bark barkin
But bitch I touch ass and bust back
What's that? It's Face-mob in effect
With Icarus, Reggie, Jamal and Treach
I told you that talkin wasn't shit to me
So bitch be more specific when
You spit for me "It ain't shit to me
" you a ho in a fifth degree
A discharge from a dick disease
You lil' maggot, part time thug for a faggot
Plastic-ass chump, you don't want no static
Real niggas louder
Real niggas louder louder! Real niggas yo
Real niggas

Yo, yo, yo it's Funk Doc I thought you knew
PPP in the back, and they parkin to, jump
Thorough borough, Bricks, ashy elbow kid
I fuck chicks off Elmo flicks
My tape is off safety, tongue the gun
Mouth to barrel, I spit, it numbs the front
(So, what'cha what'cha want?) Yo
My boys is beasty
We grew up untamed, unemployed, and eatin'
You sharks in the water, avoid the deep end
We only fuck chicks that enjoys the beatings
Young Ike Turners, disco infern-ers
Concentration camp, nobody turn up
I roll up a 'X' that came with kit's
Leave you with "Nightmares" Dana
Dane was with (niiight marrres)
I can train yo' bitch, with a chain and whip
It, blow the block down while
I change the clip

Yo, don't approach me wrong
Little kids call me Smokey-mon
Cause the blunts that I light set
Off smoke alarms beep beep
And I stand on the corner
'til my coke is gone
Niggas wanna get they ice picks, poke the don
But they know I got a gun big as Oprah's arm
And I know a old lady that'll choke they moms
A attitude, that's what I don't walk without
Nigga I'mma time for it, you just talk about
Ic' is the man, and I never been to Japan
Got a Japanese bitch with my dick in her hand
This is the plan, I'm about to get in the van
Go and get rid of the man
I done did it again
Skunk I blow, then off to the trunk I go
Pull the pump out slow, dump out fo'
I'm the nigga that the streets raised
I'm the nigga that'll make
3-ways outta nigga PJ's
The nigga, that'll smack the shit out the DJ
If he don't give Icarus shit a replay
Poker flush, y'all niggas joke too much
And my gun got cancer, it smoke too much, we
Real niggas louder
Real niggas louder louder! Real niggas yo
Real niggas

First of all you gotta have balls
Unlike some who act hard
I was real ever since I shot
Out my pops black balls
I'm real, I can sense danger and tap calls
I'm real, I feel when haters wanna clap 'Mal
I look a nigga eye to eye when I speak
I'm transparent
I can see if you a killer or a freak
Or a bitch that'll do anything to get rich
Or a snitch that'll drop dime on the click
Or a fake, that'll rather see me at my wake
Or a Jake tryin to infilitrate
Give me a case i'm real like, bitch
Get the fuck out my face
I'm real like let me stick
My dick in ya mouth, give you a taste
I'm a real nigga if I don't get no bigger
I'm five-five, still knockin out tall niggas
We real niggas plottin on
Dummies with tall figures
Real niggas hands on forty caliber triggers
Bullets hummin
Real like Redman's fifth comin

Trigger Treach bastards blunts
Buddhas bullets black gats is the lingo!
Fuck a jolly jingle
Old bitches break for Bingo
Christmas time I crack yak
And Kris with Kringle
Gettin funk from nymphos and scratch
My nuts witcho' single
Who's the gay scratcher minus the rap masters
Name is Kay, with the gay G after
My thugs on the street with the heat
Listen to me
See them diamond DM medallions snatch!
You give 'em to me mally G's a part of me
Icky slips his ownself mickies
In crowded armories
Fuck with Redman you're a dead
Man at the robbery
You'll be Adebisi greasy put him on to me
Fuck that i'm a throwin' flames
Fanatic, bashin' brains, come at it
Beat you with the shit that they
Used to frame the attic
Your skank-ass go voo doo
Poodle-wig wearin rashy
Rusty and trusty, musty-wack nasty

Once again in the Bricks! Chris Tricarico
Reporting live from WKYA radio!
Where I find myself in a bit of a snafu
Oh, I see a gentleman in the corner
Who may be able to help me
Excuse me! Sir? Ah, pardon me!
Maybe you didn't hear me
I'm talking to you! I'm looking for the 9 8!

Yo man, you 5 0?

No, I'm not 5 0, I'm looking for the 9 8
That's all!

Man, that's 89, man whatchu talking about

Ayo, that nigga, man that nigga po-po!

No, I'm not po-po, I just
Can I get some uh huh?

I, I see that nigga there! I'm telling you!

Uh, huh, man? Ain't no uh huh, man

Ah, forget it it's getting
Too hostile in here

Ayo man, who the fuck is this nigga, man?

Ay man, word is bond, that nigga
Was fuckin with, I'm telling you, but

Ayo man, get the fuck-


Ah! It's getting too violent!
Chris Tricarico, WKYA radio, signing off!

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