Руслан Горовий - ЗЙБ (feat. Євген Турчинов, Колмен, Жадан і Собаки) текст пісні (lyrics)

Гурт "Жадан і Собаки" [Харків/Київ, Україна]

[Руслан Горовий - ЗЙБ feat. Євген Турчинов, Колмен, Жадан і Собаки текст пісні lyrics]

Sooner or later, you’ll admit that
You cannot get this song out of your head
So, let’s keep on dancing to the tune that has stuck
With everybody – like we don’t give a fuck

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You know the songs are great when they are often played
At ‘departures and arrivals,’ at fairs and in diners
When the groovy tunes and lyrics are contrived –
You see the coolest guys strumming them live

Sooner or later, you’ll have to admit
This earworm is an absolute hit
You won’t get it out of your head – so good luck
Dancing all day like you don’t give a fuck

A catchy song might make it to the radio’s top ten
So royalties start flowing in – and I’ll be happy when
I buy a new t-shirt, and sneakers – like, ten pairs
And then, a BMW to pick up chicks everywhere

I know that sooner or later, you’ll say:
This is what echoes through my mind all day
Revolving around a repetitive phrase –
But I do not have a better song, anyways
So, if it’s on a constant loop in your head –
We both know it is so fucking rad
And let’s keep on dancing to the tune that has stuck
Around for a while – like we don’t give a fuck

I may not age as gracefully as my best-ever song –
Growing old and bald while it will be still going strong
I’ll make a living off it and I will attend talk shows –
Nostalgia’s a babe that never leaves, you know

I’m sure this song brings out your fun side
Cheering folks up, travelling far and wide
That’s why I know it is here to stay –
Nobody has a better one, anyway

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