Skurt, Russian Village Boys - Zaeboja текст песни

[Skurt, Russian Village Boys - Zaeboja текст песни]

Эй, брат, i see you so tired
I know the place that always on fire
People on high, girls never dry
I have a car, come on, lets fly
This place only for us
We are Russian hardbass
Drink beer 24/7
Mood, vibe, like you on heaven

Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja

Welcome to Zaeboja


Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja

Hey, boys, whats going on?
I lost my glasses, i lost my phone
I lost my phone? Dont give a fuck
Call my mom, I`m alredy drunk
I’ve never drink beer like that
I’ve never use staff like that
I’ve never eat shit like that
I’ve never seen place like that

Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja

Tonight we died in
In Zaeboja

Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja

Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja, Zaeboja

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