Rustage, Shao Dow, Chi-Chi, GameboyJones, NoneLikeJoshua, Shwabadi, Connor Quest, DaddyPhatSnaps, Zach Boucher, HalaCG, FrivolousShara, Thighhighsenpai, IronMouse, Gr3ys0n - Black Bulls Rap Cypher lyrics

HalaCG [UK,London]

[Rustage, Shao Dow, Chi-Chi, GameboyJones, NoneLikeJoshua, Shwabadi, Connor Quest, DaddyPhatSnaps, Zach Boucher, HalaCG, FrivolousShara, Thighhighsenpai, IronMouse, Gr3ys0n - Black Bulls Rap Cypher lyrics]

Bombing in like a meteor
All brawn I'm looking meatier
I'm feeding the demon power
Seeping through my exterior
You're fearing the anti magic, anti-coward
Anti-giving up when I'm pushing my
Limit's past their peak
Black Bull
I'm heading the mages like cattle
I'm tearing the pages a handful
I tackle, not binding my fury no shackles
A king don't need no vassals
No castles like Hanover
All I need is passion when I
Battle with my Black Clover

They see the hair's salt and pepa
'cus now we're in effect
In fact
I might just Magna swing a
Flaming bat at your neck
The mana's in check
The red around me giving such a lament effect
I fight to fan a flame
They're fanning their death
When the flame is on I
Come hitting like a truck
I feel the game
You're gone when the grand slam struck
I protect everyone with a
Prison kill buckshot
Tryna take me on? You gon'
Need a lotta luck

Drinking down til this a clear bottle
A fierce model
Always looking through these beer goggles
When I hear trouble
My magic causes severe struggle
This fear's awful
But I'm older now no mere muggle
Handle the threads when I'm crafting a web
And I'm grabbing the dead
Like their marionettes
Unravel the best when they tangle with 'ness
And I'm making a weave just
To snatch it from heads
I'm a treat no trick, this isn't Halloween
I'm a wicked witch, defying gravity

Lady charmer with the powers of a Portal Gun
Escape plan always ready if you're
Thinking that we oughta run
No place you need to walk to hun
I can take you anywhere
Fetch flowers from the mountain tops
Or catch your falling derrière
Sick knight, kill it with the dip dyed hair
I position rifts
I'll see you on the flip side yeah
Doesn't even matter if the
Placement is careless
You can't dodge it cause you just
Don't have the spatial awareness

Hello, fight me I'm ready to show you
That all of my luck is my own because
Everywhere that I'll be wanting to roam
They all know that I'm
Bringing the thunder dome
Lightning had struck
Don't be trying your luck when
I'm sizing you up
Excited as fuck and my smile is stuck while
You'll be denying from what I conduct
Leaving you in shock and
No I never want to talk
Unless you're gonna box
Cause that is what I love
With thunder god gloves
And striking from above
Yeah, I laugh at death
But I'm not possessed
I promised when I fought as a child
Momma said to knock you all out, uh

There must be a silver lining
For a Silva with no resign
Control is mine when the stars align
Not meant to color inside the lines
Third class, but first rate
Check the birthplace
Tsundere? No, not me, that is not the case
Born with a broken wing, no silver eagle
I'm a Black Bull, ram
These fools with water
Drown the ego
Mom died giving birth to me
So I'm gon' be her legacy
Mess with my friends, Valkyrie
Foes to Valhalla

Ore no trap mahou honto saikyou desu
Get some ash for sure in your nose and chest
For a black heart I'm a handful
Now you're dealing with the black
Mask from the Black Bulls
Zora, but what's the link?
If you bug me get the stink
Any trouble that you bring
Will get doubled like a twin
Forget mana you need manners
Aristocratic types get put in a magic
Daze 'cos you ain't magic knights

You 'bout to attack? Funny you say that
I'll twist your magic so that
We can fight back
My body can change and my heart stays intact
Fun fact
I don't need confidence when I am stacked
Yes I am shy, I'm not a guy
A practical Black Bull and I can save lives
It's a lie to say I don't like to hide
But what truly matters is
What's hidden inside
The story of Cinderella has nothing on me
I was abused by my step family
Mad at me, for magically being unique
Call me ugly
I'll fight for this magic knight clique
I'm my own person
But hurtin' my squad will earn you a defeat

It's the man with the whisper
No Ying Yang twins
The silent killer with the poison
That will eat they skin
You want Bull then I'm right here
Welcome to the rodeo
You keep on taking shots
Well then I'll give yo ass an overdose
Wait till you see my book, I ain't playing
Just wait till you see my book
It's full of recipes
I'm Ramsey with the Grimoire
Serving up my specialty's
G's move in silence
So you better be respecting me

Awoken from my slumber
I hunger so bring an army
No wonder I start the party
You blunder when facing Charmy
Food hearty so do not waste it, I hate it
I'll whip you like cake mix
The basics of cooking
Every plate is made for greatness
A hybrid who's finding my goals
Keeping you tight nit when I'm in control
Like I'm yeast I keep on growing
My love for Yuno is showing
I'm smoking meat and I'm knowing
That I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing

It's just been a bit long road
But we'll keep trekking through it all
I promise on my life that I'll be
There for you though if you call
I'll keep you safe in any way
Even with backs up on the wall
I got this mirror magic
Bringing fear and havoc 'til they fall
It's hard to treat you unfair
They all freeze when you stare
Don't care for me, it's for Marie
I tend to bleed when I care
And now when they see reflections it will
Not be me that they fear
So please tell me when you're in
Need, I swear, you'll see
I'll be there

My team don't know that I'm here
But I been around
The ops bout to lose this round
I'll bring the house down
Equipped with the Bulls and
Asta's my projectile
Check how I make my house do a ground pound
Don't play me close
I'll jack ya mana you better dip
I'll turn my crib into a
Ship and pull up quick
For Clover kingdom I swear to god
That I will never quit
Like my illness my skills is forever sick

Secre flying on down, never making a sound
Holding evil at bay
Keeping eyes on you through
A bird's eye view
Locked up and sealed away
Five hundred years I've been waiting around
Don't doubt power less you wanna be bound
Cast your ego aside
Better swallow that pride
Cause this swallow gonna make you pay

Poke the Bull you get the horns
Hold on let me light a cigarette
I'm smoking all you cowards
Only puff the littlest disrespect
I'm a step ahead
So if you disregard my intellect
There won't be a dimension
My katana cannot intercept
Pierce your heart and turn
Your life against you
That's an inner threat
And if I interject your wife won't
Need to have your dinner prepped
Surpass those limit's or get
Clapped no finish
We the best Black Bulls, no cap
You can get it

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