Rustage, Shao Dow - Luffy vs Goku Rap Battle lyrics

[Rustage, Shao Dow - Luffy vs Goku Rap Battle lyrics]

Best selling manga
You're messing with number one
Don't need no Gear Second
I'm a weapon packing guns!
Like I'm cleaning sunny
How I'm battling this scum
Making you abandon this battle
Just like your son
Serving you like Sanji, you
Wanted beef? Well
The meat's mine
Murdered by Proxy
Hitting Frieza with the revive!
Neglect your family
Only train in your free time
Used to losing battles, man
You're died like three times
Lower-class Saiyan
Now you're messing with the Pirate King
Victory is certain
There's no other timelines where you win
Fighting for the fun of it
You're becoming an addict
Spitting fire like my older brother
Whilst your older brother's Raditz
Call yourself a god but I'm
Used to beating deities
Strike your arteries worse than succumbing
To your heart disease
All Z Fighters ain't nothing
Compared to my fleet
Getting crushed like your grandad
Beneath a Monkey's feet

Don't make me call Yamcha to
Come and slap you
Or maybe get launch to bless your nose
I'll send her at-choo!
I'm not one of your forgettable
Villains who never catch you
Son Goku, the father of
Your style, my bredder
That's who
Gomu Gomu No your place
You're keeping no one safe
I'll rock the Dragon, sink the Garp
Put a hole in the Ace
You're looking lost like Zoro
'cause you can't win
Drown you in KameHameHa waves
Because you can't swim!
You failed your crew then had
To run away and hide
When facing real threads you couldn't
Bounce back so you cried
Super Saiyan is iconic
Gear Fourth ain't even funny
If it wasn't for a lightning bolt
You would've lost to Buggy
I'm the savior of the planet
Now God Saiyajin
You only stretch the truth and
You're still not king
Your hat is looking smelly
It's sweaty and full of holes
You talk about a monkey's feet but
On them what are those?!

Your rapping is a joke
Here's your clown shoes
Clear to me Goku that you blew it
Call you Chiaotzu
How do you even pretend
That you're in danger
When you're hiding like a coward
In your Hyperbolic Chamber?
Two, this alien needs to go home like E.T
Three, your bars are a disappointment like GT
Four, undeveloped like your marriage
Is with Chi Chi
Wipe you out faster than Frieza
Wiping out your species
Destroy your Dinky Dojo
I'll Deny you of your Dignity
Dictate these Duels like Doflamingo
Does when Dimwit's Disagree
Dude you Do it Dismally
You're Dishing verbal Dysentery
A Different breed's Delivery
I Dub this Diss the will of D

I'll beat you down if you Gomu Gomu No
Let me cease a clown like "Shurororo!"
On a track I burn rubber
Too late to turn rudder
You're a burden to your crew and
In English you sound dumber
A king without a throne
I'll finish you with the flow
How's a pirate have less booty than
The women in your show?
I'll set fire to the sunny
That's Solar Flare for you dummy
I'll fly to the final island
Find One Piece and leave you nothing
Calm yourself, I'll make your heart explode
I'm the main character, you'll
Never harm me
Kakarot can rap a lot
It's over that's a fact
You'll die in this attack and I
Will never wish you back

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