Savan DePaul, The Beatnuts, D-Sharp, Chaos Kid - Got Ya Hummin' lyrics

Hardcore (he's acting kinda wack)
Got ya hummin' (he's acting kinda wack)
Beatnuts combine (he's acting kinda wack)
Ay yo Juju, "hit me with that shit one time"
(Take the DJ out the back)

Your friend's about to get slapped
If he disrespects me
You gettin' testy? Upset me
I turn Tiger Woods into a kitten
Ride up on a biter if he don't wanna listen
Now, look at my bug eyes
I still walk digitigrade
I got a skinny frame and
Big brain with missiles aimed
Laser beams fricassee if they ricochet
I'll clip your fade so today I will get away

Hardcore got ya hummin'
Beatnuts combine
(mission was successful, mothafucka)
Ay yo Fash "hit me with that shit one time"

I got the funk so I will call you out
Show you what Savan is all about
Taking shots at me was the wrong route
I cause gout cloud your cerebral cortex
Enter my vortex and get torn next
Boys, you're next
Enter my mind made perfect by Asperger's
Attempted to battle and outrap Vernon
But, it's so one-sided it would be rap murder

I present every bar factually
DePaul strikes rapidly and accurately
Gangster wannabes acting like
They rep properly
But challenge them and they
Back out awkwardly
Aw, you see the culprit, G
Hypocrisy is what it's got to be
Don't you see there's no stopping me
You must be smoking too much endo
Throw your tape out my window
You shall repent, bro i won't relent, yo

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