Stella Mwangi, Diplo - Butter Theme (Refix) lyrics

Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr.

[Stella Mwangi, Diplo - Butter Theme Refix lyrics]

Yess! When I sit down is in the big chair
King Peggy, prepare
The king's here, thats a big deal
I make em move around like a pep pill
Yeah I get it on, I so get it on
I get gooone Neil Armstrong
Get loud yell out like car horn (car Horn)
Don't you know I get crrazi
We watcha ka auchezi hii game Hauwezi
Cus I beat this beat like a konga drum
But You like when my ass go bumbumbum
Hot gyal, fly ass fuck
Crown on my head, im wsup
Ain't no one that do it like her
No shoes no shirt n' I still get service

I'm tha king Bitch i got tha' KingBitch flow
Go go like my name Usain Bolt
All of them know im too hot hold
All of them know im too hot hold
Is, is no other than St-ella
So High fashion, Donatella
And I do it all day, don care about they
We smokin on that hey oh my god we so deadly
Where I come from ama king like Elvis
Shake a bum like Kanda Bonga man wedding
Kanda bogas wedding, you don't know
And im so likely
Shut it down like im Ali bombaye
When my shit play let ur bootey sway
Pop another bottle let the champagne spray

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