DD Osama, SugarHill Ddot, Notti Osama - Too Tact (2022) lyrics

[DD Osama, SugarHill Ddot, Notti Osama - Too Tact 2022 lyrics]

Gang, gang (Damn Jefe)
OY-O fuckin' G, nigga
Catch me an opp, i'ma

And you know that we smokin' on Lotti
Ticklin' in my body
Two shots, hit 'em, make him flip
OY-OY? She ain't boomin' shit
Scream, "RPT", you get put in the list
In the cab, look back he got sent to the sky
And he ain't comin' back hop out, he fled
JB got neck tapped, never my neck
Yeah, y'all heard what I said
Catch TG, put a hole in his head, bitch
Imagine havin' bullets stuck to ya' neck?
That could never be me
Yus Gz got shot in his neck
Fuck that, JB got sent
Me and DD like Batman and Robin
We see an opp, he gon' aim for this noggin'
To tact, 2 twin Glocks

Put a beam on his back gang, gang
If the pole jam up
He get beat up wit' knockers
Bando got shot, he got sent to the doctor
Like what the fuck is a Flocka?
Gang in the spot and we gettin' to-

Two guns down, what the fuck is a trendy?
I see a opp, five shots too his belly, grrah
And we sippin' that henny, gang in a spot
We gettin' spaghetti, bitch
We spin the opps if I shot we, do it again
And you know that we fuck up the function
We seen an opp, ten shots to his muffin
Bitch, and you know who we smokin' on
Smokin' on Lotti
Dumb lil' nigga got sent to the lobby
Take one of mines, i'ma take som' of yours
Notti gon' geek, go up on that score
If I call Move Look
He ain't shown' remorse
Call up Move Look, he ain't shown' remorse
If I spin through the sev', all I see is red
Catch a Flocka, put him right to bed
Catch a Flocka, put him right to bed

(Grrah, nigga, y'all nigga who the fuck it
Is, it's that Ddot nigga, grrah, look
Look) hop out two V's, two O's
And you know he gon’ die by the pole
Smokin' on Lotti, that boy got me deady
Now fuck that we sipping on henny
If I catch me a 2 Woo, it's lit
Smoking on Butta, he restin' in piss, like
Now fuck that, I'm smokin' on Matt
Hit him one time while I'm dropping' the MB
And you know that I’m really on timing
Catch a Gunna, put him in the sky
Hit him one time, it’s gon’ be lit
If I call Notti then he lettin' it fly
And you know it's gonna be lit
Callin' my 'ooter, he dumping the clip
Like and you know that I’m jacking the
O, if you drop my O, you get turned to Lotti
Hit him once, i'ma catch him a body
And you know that I'm smokin' on JayRipK
Smoking on JB, that boy got me dead
We spin through the back and
We leaving him lazy
And you know that I’m dropping the four
And you know that I’m dropping the four
CO2, you know that it’s lit
Ayo Jayline, better up your chop
Yeah, these niggas never on nothin'
Smoking on Matt, that boy in the sky

(Matt Sav, Matt Sav-Matt Sav)
Fuck that dead nigga, nigga
Fuck all them dead, nigga
Tell 'em to get back

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