Taze, Horrid1, CGM, (CGM) TY, Dodgy, Rack5, Sav’O (CGM) - Unprovoked lyrics

[Taze, Horrid1, CGM, CGM TY, Dodgy, Rack5, Sav’O CGM - Unprovoked lyrics]

Rah, it's BKay una
Come on, gang shit
Fuck all the paigons, yeah?
You know who it is
Big Digga,  you get me?
Soon home, free the guys
Fuck every opp

Heads and shoulders, bruck down boulders
Same way I bruck down olders (Woosh)
Neeks provoke us, then get fold up
Nicked in the case, get spilled up
Wet it, I'ma stay with it
When man did it, dem man try dig it (Oi)
Load that mash and fill it
But when I stab that man I try kill it
(Woosh, woosh)

I'm a violent guy, I ain't into pretendin'
Look, my Rambo ain't bendin'
Mek corn run with the wind, I'm cheffin'
Wet him, anywhere gang, man get him
No gettin' back, I'm a sav, man said it
Pressure the yutes, get drilled like Trellick
Straight AM's, if not, man dead him
There's no way that this beef is deadin'

Bro smoke like canister
Tryna cause a massacre (Bow)
Nuttin' like massive car
Man a top striker, and I'm on top form
Dem are called dead if I pop this corn
Still, we at war with the uniform
Nuttin' to report cah they stay indoors
Still in the field, I done breakin' laws
(I am)

Free CJ, he a Thameside legend
Back then when I torn up jails
I step in the cells like "Yo
What you reppin'?"
Blud, I don't want love and affection
Just more guns and whips, my section
Can't speak for the rest on rope
Cut thru' PB, mind how you're flexin'

Go suck your mudda, pussio

All of this chat
But don't press on your suttin'
Dem man don't ride, they're bluffin'
More time, see the paigons cuttin'
I cut a man down, same time for my brothers
(Ching, ching)
I got no reason to lie
Got dipped like fries but
We got man's nugget
They all know who done it
But nuttin' has happened
They just discuss it

I won't rob nobody for clout
But I'll take man's shit
For runnin' his mouth
When I'm in the P, they never come round
Try skrr and I'm there
And I'll take man out
Fifteen in your chest
That's more than "ouch"
Dip, ching, fling, then bounce (Ching)
Rip skins, I stand my ground
Huncho, I'm a well-known boss in town
(Whoosh, whoosh, a boss)

Baby come hold this wap
It could've been Keisha
It could've been Becky
And I still love them bellies
Intest-intestines all smelly (Woosh, woosh)
She strip down and ask if I'm ready
But you know (Wha?) , I said that already
Stab man's bro, I did that already
(Whoosh, whoosh)

I gave him 5, could've gave him more
Tours, slip, tripped up, got bored
Force, the fours kicks off like horse
Splash, splash til I make him snore
My blade's shy, I'm takin' yours
My bag's real, there's fake in yours
They're bad online like cyber porn
But duck and dive when I swing my sword

Bare of the opps got it twice
They dash cah they ain't tryna
Get it times three
(Splash, splash)
And if the opps dem weren't that fast
Man know I would've splashed
Like a hundred neeks
I would've splashed like a hundred dons
Opp block strip, I done tape that off (Ching)
Bro got a new mop and he blaze that off
Two with one, now his face is gone

Can't you tell? Riding's my hobby
(I love it)
I done backseat like Roddy
12-gauge shotty to find some body
Fifteen if the guy looks stocky
(Ching, ching)
Me and bro, that's tag team chingers
When man's chingin', the next man hoppy
And if you wanna claim that you're on me
Then you can get chinged like Sav done
(Ching, ching, love)

Three double taps, I'm a well-known slapper
Free ZK, he's a well-known stabber (Facts)
How many drills have we done on camera?
Mask on my face, so it don't even matter
(Don't go bait)
Man can't question my badness
I told man "leave it
Don't test my gangsta"
Hold on, who's dem yutes in that Astra?
Creep up quick, let 'em fold this anger

I just sent some rice to the marsh for my bro
So you know he gon' pattern the landing
40 stitches, the crow boy rampin'
Ruined your style, get done by the gangdem
(Do it)
Bro just got a new hand ting
Now he wanna click and sip on the Magnum
I done most of my bird on basic
I was a hazard, never on standard (Savage)

Rah, it's BKay una

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