Cormega, The Beatnuts - U Crazy lyrics

[Cormega, The Beatnuts - U Crazy lyrics]

"I can't forget or reject the
Sights of the ghetto
The smells of the ghetto, and especially
The sounds of the ghetto, you know?"

Yomy nigga JuJu what's up baby?

Let's get this money
Let's get hung ya na'mean?
Niggas crazy man!

I'd rather die like a man
And live a coward life
At a night moving the fangs the
Crooked up and powered white
You know me, I was OT getting it lo' key
Remembering what old timers told me
The first law you wanna hold heat burst yours
Props to seek have you
Sleeping in hurst doors
The conversation indicated props are sharp
He said he never hold many
Cause it might be marked
It's like this give me mine or
I'm a take what's yours
Make love war, spray up doors, say no more
Instead of picking weight up more
I'm picking mic's up
Lounging on my mothers sofa
Kicking my Nike's up
Like Koobi Agi who could stop me
Your coke is doodle papi
My people said they need they cash back
Cash that son
I caught a flash back the crimes
And the whip times change niggas shine me
I sparkle like a diamond ring

YOU CRAZY, thinking you gonna stop the rule
TOO LATE, we get your heart rate out control
Now live bigger baby that's the goal
And maybe a little later
We'll be hot to hold
YOU CRAZY, thinking you gonna stop the rule
TOO LATE, we get your heart rate out control
Here's my outlook
Bitches put out with no output
Cause see a little later
We'll be hot to hold

Let me get a EQ up, beats is clear
You say you flipping pies
You must work at a pizzeria
No need to fear, The Nuts is here
And it's about to be off
The da hook this year
Let the buzz in your ear
Like the fuzz in your rear
Every time you see me, I'm guzzling beer
Blazing them trees, counting up gee's
Old school on the pro to bouncing a beat
What's my name? You know da game?
Every time I swing my fists I hit right
The professional boxer
Knock you out of ox-y-gen
Now you out the game, ob-so lete
Hit you wit the shit you ain't used TA
And snakes all in my head like Medusa
But I won't let them get the best of me
You can smell what I'm cooking but
You can't have the recipe

Look homes, I'm trying uplift this shit
Make history, something for the kids and shit
Put my heart in my music for
As long as I live
Nigga the sound of the ghetto
Coming out of the crib
Hard-core to art form bigger than rap
All I know is that a lot
Of new niggas in crack
Sounding like dummies man niggas should act
It's wrong and where I come
From biting is wack
Maybe that's why niggas never
Walk through the hood they ask
There intentions never been any good
Little bitch ass niggas if I
Catch them I would
Put my foot up they ass man as far as I could

"Can the small talk fat man
And let's get it on! Maestro if you will"

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