Tony Yayo, Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murda - New York lyrics

My city never sleep up in New York
Models turn to stars up in New York
Gym stars in that mouth up in New York
Time Square stay lit up in New York

(Break it down now) yeah!
Niggas saying that NY hit
But Jay’s on the charts and 50′s still rich
Diddy milking the game, Ciroc was a hit
Harlem nigga with the marketing
Skills of Rich
NY nigga set trends (what else!?)
Dip Set niggas set trends (what else!?)
Never seen so much groupies on a tour bus
The first time I rolled Nasty Nas tour bus
And damn near cried when he
Signed to Murder Inc ja was selling records
I was selling crack on a bench
Ruff Ryders, D-Block had the streets
Was on that Cash Money tour
With DMX and Swizz Beats
How many MC's must get this
Don't make yourself a market
Your soul get lift
And when the ball drop, I'm in a new drop
John Gotti fireworks on the rooftop

Niggas acting like New York
Ain't the livest city (BROOKLYN)
Acting like Nas ain't say I
Remind them of Biggie (I agree)
Mobb Deep had shooked once
Standing in the crib
MOP had niggas running up in niggas cribs
The Wu rolling 30 deep on some grimy shit
Puff and Mase dancing
Wearing that shiny shit (they was winning)
I'm stuck on that old Jay
Don't ask me how come
I prefer his old shit, I bump his old albums
The Reasonable Doubt
Hard Knock Life and the Blueprint (Classic)
Make me just want to get money, pimp
And shoot shit
When Fab throw a party, all the hoes come out
We ain't on the couch
Pouring patron in their mouth
On Twitter, Trinidad James wrote I'm a legend
I was still going to still violate him
But Maino already checked him
Niggas drink, drink
Pop molly and start sweatin' talk reckless
Then apologize when we press em

Nigga NY is everything, Diddy Bop
Heavy bling bright lights night life
White right from the Medellín
Mula is an order, Shooters on every corner
You ain't for a tough find
Your medulla in your explorer
You come through flexing leave with one shoe
My knuckles DJ who wanna 1, 2 second
You dealin' with a real nigga from New York
Trinidad I don't know what
The fuck you thought
Nigga my cake is ok without that radio play
Book a show date tomor sell
It out the same day
I don't wait on club lines
Niggas rush me in the party
Can't even walk in these streets
Without a Yaowa from somebody
Hell look at you cowards lookin' sloppy
Chill my life grand cause shooters keep it
A thousand with the papi
Frontin' with papa willy like
A brand new Kawasaki
Stretch a figure on the hill with
A round from out the tommy
I rappin' for these streets
These niggas singin' bout a molly
I'm still 501 these niggas yoga and palati
If I ain't in this booth laying vocals
Then I'm probably
In my pent house pokin' on a Molly

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