Trippie Redd - Pepe Lit lyrics

[Trippie Redd - Pepe Lit lyrics]


She gon' spark a blunt and get high like me
Bet your boyfriend ain't fly like me
Pop a Percocet, float to the sky like me
And the bullshit really so beyond me

Yeah, this shit lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit (Lit shit)
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit (yeah)
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit (yeah)
Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit (yeah) yeah

Bitch, we keep this shit lit, that's for sure
If you talk down
We gon' come and kick down your door
Pillow talkin' pussy nigga, you
Know you a ho, yeah
Big 14, no rookie, nigga
Keep a beam don't need a scope, yeah

Say you street, you want a cookie, nigga?
Off a bean and you broke, askin' for lean
Can't pour no four
That boy off that good dope, he got lost
No hope I got lost with your hoe
She said she in love
She don't wanna go home

Is it love or lust? Bae, I really don't know
Diamonds on you, different colors, bae
They speaking Morse code
Shawty water, feel like butter
If she ride it, then I'm toast
Not to mention, not no water
Bae you know I do the most

I was tired of that shit
I had to change my damn coast
Boy, I'm flier than this ship
I'm the damn hell bat
I just bought a Cullinan and I'm
About to buy a Hellcat
I'm addicted to the green
Where the fuck the Kale at?

I need to know everything
Where the fuck is Yale at?
You niggas know too much
You better never tell that
I'm 1400 slime, bitch, I fucking yell that
And my swag grade-A, you niggas get held back

Yeah, I could feel the pain
I could feel the pain on ya (Pain)
I could feel the pain on ya, open heart

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