UnoTheActivist, $NOT - 5am Freestyle lyrics

I just wanna know where you from
(Where the fuck you at? The fuck)
Hundred round bullet, it's a drum
(Bitch, buh-buh-buh-buh)
Light a nigga up like the sun (Yeah)

Know it get lit like Bic (Yeah)
I'm not Bic, can't get no flick (Yeah)
Can't take a pic, fuck up my image (Yeah)
Niggas talk shit, they could suck my dick
(Yeah, dig)
Some of my niggas I trust is Crip (Yeah)
I ain't your baby, but I'm in your crib
So many crosses, tryna give me a bid (Yeah)
So much money, tryna give it to Big (Yeah)
Wipe his nose, boy, I need a bill
Stop him out, destroy his ribs
Where you from? Boy, we on your head
He caught us when we was on the meds (Ayy)
Roll an opp up, take it to the head

Things I do for a pint of red
Can't walk with him, I see you fed
Bullet holes in him, I see he dead (Yeah)
Plug hit me with brick, I see you Craig
Getting weight off like Jenny Craig
Crossing niggas off the list like Craig
They ranned off, ain't check no credit
I ranned off, they ain't get no bread
Run off from me, I take your legs
Cut out his tongue
He ain't saying no prayers
These niggas bite my swag for
Sure, arm and leg
An arm and a leg
Rock out hard 'til my wrist is bled
Or fuck her off of the Perc' instead
And my cup is filled with snot, ayo, $NOT
Where the fuck you at?
In the lab like Breaking Bad
Get so high, ain't no turning back

Smoke a blunt right now, roll a 'Wood
(Let's go)
Bruh, I'm up and down in your hood (Yeah)
Man, I wish a bitch nigga would
(Yeah, fuck that bitch)
Smokin' all this gas in the hood (Huh?)

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