La, CGM, (CGM) TY, Dodgy, Sav’O (CGM), Rondo (LA) - No Censor lyrics

[La, CGM, CGM TY, Dodgy, Sav’O CGM, Rondo LA - No Censor lyrics]

The labour lost but I'm still tryna risk it
(I'm risking)
Now man's serving one when an opp gets done
Cause the stack gon' pay for them stitches
Anyone CGM that's drillings (Buh buh)
Anything B, C, M or N, I drill it (Yeah)
Another opp went swimming
Teewiz went missing
You say that you miss him then go
Get a shovel and dig him
(Go dig him)

Last time that I stepped in the Ave
I smashed that whip tryna bore up Mouth
(Wet him up)
The only pattern I saw was bare mans
Feet that day when gang hopped out
Mello saw me and dashed for his life
Got away it was so unproud
Same day we slid to the G
Second opp block let's see who's about
(Who's about?)
Same day I chingеd a mali
Smile on my face I was feeling unvexеd
(Ching ching)
All I need is a Lyca sim
Some TT grub and a fork in the 'rex
Wet up, swing man's shank get chef up
Anyone can get it in this beef
Bro-bro tryna catch me a header
Anyone can get it in this beef
Bro-bro tryna catch me a header

I really do what I say on roads
We whacked ST with bottles and poles
Woah, Double Tap done tapped off loads
Twin got chinged x2 by bros (Ching)
Yo, let's get this popping
ADottz got it tryna get that Cottage (Ching)
A1 got chinged already, stressed
Pissed it weren't us that dropped him
I was in cells when Wizz got chinged, shit
Now I got Wizz in rizz
Opp thot wanna be in the mix
Mind I don't slap out your wig
I'll do life in jail never snitch
No invite man party ching
Same day I made J1 dash
Is the same day I made AD swim

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