DJ Kay Slay - Rolling 200 Deep I (feat. Sheek Louch, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Papoose, Bun B, Millyz, Dave East, D.M.C., Jim Jones) lyrics

DJ Kay Slay [Keith Grayson] New York, U.S.

[DJ Kay Slay - Rolling 200 Deep I feat. Sheek Louch, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Papoose, Bun B, Millyz, Dave East, D.M.C., Jim Jones lyrics]

Smokin' that native green leaf
Kay Slay, what up, nigga?
We back at it, huh?
Fuck it, let's go back in, round two, yeah

Ayo, not one gold chain in this bitch (Nah)
Young niggas fucked it up what it look like to be rich
Been in this game so long, fuck, it must be a glitch (Haha)
Same nigga, same team, why the fuck would I switch? (I won't)
Two hundred niggas on the same song
I said, ''Big bro, that shit might be a little long''
But if you spittin' with conviction and your verse strong
You'll stand out, I don't give a fuck what the rest is on

Equivalent to none, relevant to all
Kay Slay we pray, 'cause heaven sent the Dogg
Reppin' with my particulars, wretched with my vernacular
Spar with eight bars, there's nothing that's this spectacular
Had it with mathematics, came for me like an addict
Top spot in hip-hop, yep, I done had it
I want it back, I need it back, it's mine for real
Silk glove wrapped around the hands of steel

Yeah, sittin' Indian-style, rollin' big spliffies
When it come to just bat niggas, I'm Ken Griffey
All-out ballers, big bread, loads'll blow in Florida
Send missiles right through the lab, fold it for ya
We legislators who make noise, take your boy from ya
Grab your lady like sex traffickers, sent the attic up
Play big shit, ride big shit, you got a problem, my army is half of Africa

King killin' keyboard killers kindly (S)
Smackin' stupid soldiers, shakin' suckers, shootin' shotties (L)
Singin' lames lullabies, lyrical lunatic living life legendary
Law library lessons advertised (A)
Alphabet alpha activatin' on algorithms
An accurate army aimin' a lost ambition
All African automatically applying an agile alphabet angle again
Fuckin' yes-man

Big Bun B, bitch, you know the vibe
When I get it started, kickin' straight into overdrive
Standin' over niggas, I'm over y'all, an overlord
Overdue with throwin' overzealous rappers overboard
That's 'cause nowadays, the game is oversaturated
That went over these niggas' heads, so half the rappers hated
But if I punch a pussy nigga in his overbite
And put it on Live, his career'd be over overnight

Ice on me with the money color antifreeze
Model hoes in canopies fulfilling my fantasies
Go against the family, you will undergo calamaties
I learned to speak with violence when they wasn't understandin' me
Big Blanco, in the trenches with my jewels on
All my shooters in Connecticut, but they don't play for UConn (The gang)
Honestly, don't understand why y'all do songs
That shit keep soundin' better with the mute on (Shh), Blanco

Hang off a roof with a noose tied to your neck
Duck, duck, goose, live from the 'jects
Think I'm Black Rob, shawty head was woah
Slide my jabs, I was on the steps
Make them calls, it was not a text
Industry niggas don't like me, it's probably 'cause I'm a threat
Even if they get me drunk, I'ma just throw up the set
I know it sound crazy, somehow I love hate
Keep a smoker, see how these drugs taste
Not tryna hear them stories how you was great

Screw D.M.C., man, I hate his verse
He killed every emcee with his latest verse
He's so damn good, and what made it worse
He gave it to Kay Slay and said, "Play this first"
That's just the way that it has to be
For every emcee before and after me
I destroy every microphone passed to me
Think I don't? You can suck a dick dastardly

I asked Kay, "Who you want me to slay?"
Johnson would be proud of young Bumpy today (Capo)
They say time is money, we get 'em slumped in a day (Day)
When the shit start firin', don't jump in the way (Fah)
I just jump in the Wraith as I look at the constellation (Pretty)
If you want a face-to-face, that's a consultation (It's time)
If a nigga say it's up, that's some confrontation (It's up, nigga)
But if you hit him with the beam, that take concentration (Bah)

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