New York, the real New York, I'm outside
I don't live in Miami
I don't live in Colorado
Come to my block and see me, my niggas
All of y'all know I be down there
This is Kiss, I'm outside
Always D-Block (I like this)
I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
Nigga, I'm from New York
(What?) , New York (yeah)
Ruff Rydin', D-Block and shit
Nigga, fuck what you thought, you thought
(A ha) and you can't take shit for granted
'Cause life is too short, too short (yeah)
I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
(Uh, yeah)
Nigga, I'm from New York (Uh, ah heh)
And this is ho
Born in New York City on a Monday
It seems I was out shinin'
Shoes 'bout two to noon
All the fat cats in the bad hats
Doing me a real big favor
Forgot the fat cats in the bad
Hats laying it on real good
When you're down and out in New York City
We Thе Best Music
I am New York, if you ain't with us
Khaled tеll em the rest another one
Yeah dJ Khaled

I'm BIG, Prodigy, DMX and Pun
Killin' niggas for fun
Nothin' iller than son
I'ma be collectin' this money long as it come
If I'm behind the barrel
Then you in front of the gun (Gunshot)
I'm the bullet that struck your limbs
I'm white Air Force 1s
I'm construction Timbs
I'ma do whatever it takes, just enough to win
I'm the one that your man told
You not to fuck with him
I'm the single parent household with
Nothin' in the 'frigerator
Pissy staircases, smell like the incinerator
Grandma in the back
Hooked up to the ventilator
Tryin' to chip in and see if
We can get some dinner later
In front of the building with a clip full
Garbage piled up, rats size of pit bulls
Either gettin' money or you aren't
Couple parolees, couple niggas with warrants
Couple of hoopties
Couple niggas with foreigns
Makin' a movie, a couple niggas is starrin'
(yeah) but, it's just a segment
Somebody got somebody sister pregnant
Dice game, somebody lose, somebody win
Somebody comin' home, somebody is goin' in
Everybody 'bout that action, we don't do talk
You already know what it is, this is New York
Down and out in New York City
Down and out in New York City
That's New York City that's New York City
New York City

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