Fivio Foreign - Drillin lyrics

Fivio Foreign [Maxie Lee Ryles III] Brooklyn, New York. U.S.

[Fivio Foreign - Drillin lyrics]

Yeah grrt
Put your helmets on, put your vest on
Put on everything you got, nigga
Word to my mother, nigga (Grrt bow)

I do a show and cash out
Nigga sayin' my name and get mad clout
I'm holdin' my temper and bad mouth
But if I take a percy I lash out
I'm fuckin', I'm makin' her tap out
I need a bad bitch that I can slap out
All in the telly, I'm blowin' her back
Out, she be screamin' my name
Yellin' mad loud
I be chillin', ain't tryna be cool, nigga
Goin' against me a bad route
My anger keep makin' me spazz out, nigga
You don't got nothin' but mad mouth
Look, I bust a nut and I pass
Out, but if I'm still awake, i'ma dash out
Don't get caught in a picture in that house
(Cet caught in a picture in that, uh)
We spent two blocks in one
Night, nigga still hidin'
So I'm still tight
We don't catch a body, I ain't gettin' hype
Smokin' on a, huh, now you pay the price
Got a baby shootеr, he don't think twice
He just wanna drill, hе don't wanna fight
Only seventeen, he ain't seen life
Tried to go to school but it don't seem right
I told 'em "Give him an breather"
He wanna line the opps with a feature
He wanna hide the knocks in his sneaker
He wanna ride around blowin' reefer
Lil' shorty a king
He a song of a black beaver
Catch a body, he want it, he that evil
Take your life
He ain't givin' it back neither
I never let 'em humble the gang
I love the opps
They give me somethin' to bang
Let a fuck nigga come for this chain
'Cause niggas is fienin for
Somethin' to flame
And my shooter got unlimited aim
Big body, couldn't fit in the frame
Should've never let us get in the game
Different toilets, we ain't shittin' the same

Grrt bow, huh (Different toilets
We ain't shittin' the same)
(Different toilets
We ain't shittin' the same) yeah, it's Fivi
Grrt bow uh
Yeah ha ha ha

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