Fivio Foreign - Hot Sauce lyrics

Fivio Foreign [Maxie Lee Ryles III] Brooklyn, New York. U.S.

[Fivio Foreign - Hot Sauce lyrics]

Yeah! And I heard one of the Woos
(Shoutout 808Melo, yeah)
Caught a nigga named ooh (O oh) , ooh (O oh)
Huh, haha (Uh, uh, uh)

And I heard one of the Woos (Ooh, huh, woo)
Caught a nigga named, ooh (O oh)
Ooh (O oh) , ooh (Ooh, huh) ooh (O oh) , ha
Ooh (O oh) , ha ooh (Ooh, look, uh)

I brought the demons out to play
(Huh, I brought the demons out to play, uh
Look) i keep the bitches for the gang
(Huh, I keep the bitches for the gang, uh
Look) send me the addy, I'm coming your way
I tell my shooters to get in they place
They want to shoot a nigga in his face (Baow)
I tell them chill, they couldn't wait
I sent a man down, niggas calling me
Making me hot somebody got shot
(Baow) , they be going through a lot (Baow)
Huh and I ain't Ja Morant
I ain't just flashin' no chopp'
I don't hear no tunes from the opps
Atlantic, huh, let that lil' nigga drop
(Baow) i got a shooter with me he
Ain't coming for peace talks (Nah)
See a opp and he reach off (Grrt)
For the 40, no recoil (Baow)
They shootin' and passin' like
They playin' B ball (Baow)
And no, he not a marksman (Nah)
He ain't shootin' from deep, nah
We pull up in like three cars (Baow)
Hop out in the middle of the street
(Skrrt, baow) and let heat off (Uh, uh)
Fuck all this fame shit
We with all of the gang shit (Uh)
And we still moving dangerous
When that 40 go (Baow)
It's speaking my language
That 40 my favorite (Ah)
They wanted that hot sauce (Uh)
He know if he catch a body
That money get dropped off (Baow) , huh
That money get dropped off, huh (Uh)
I get an opp nigga knocked off (I will)
We run in the crib we don't knock doors (Nah)
He see his face and we pop off (Baow)
I hope that being an opp
Is somethin' to die for

And I heard one of the Woos (Ooh, huh, woo)
Caught a nigga named, ooh (O oh) ooh (O oh)
Ooh (O oh) , ha
Ooh (O oh) , ha, ooh (O oh) , ha
Ooh (O oh) , ooh (Ooh, look, uh)

Uh, yeah, huh i only trust the pole
(Only trust the pole) , uh, yeah, yeah
I keep it everywhere I go (Everywhere I go)
Look, yeah
We keep them opp niggas on they toes
(We do) , uh, yeah, yeah
I keep a demon that's ready to go (Grr)
Every time I'm in one of they face
Them niggas never got nothin' to say (Nah)
This 30 gun on me come with a case
This shit is barkin' louder than the bass
(Baow) I'm GDK (I'm GDK, huh)
I told them niggas from the gate
I did, yeah, huh
I told them niggas from the gate

And I heard one of the Woos (Ooh, huh, woo)
Caught a nigga named, ooh (O oh) , ooh
Ooh (O oh) ooh (O oh) , ha
Ooh (O oh) , ha, ooh (O oh) , ha
Ooh (O oh) , ooh (Ooh, ooh)

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About the song Fivio Foreign - Hot Sauce

Fivio Foreign recently released his new single "Hot Sauce," and the supporters are reacting with a mix of excitement and scrutiny. The song, produced by 808 Melo, features a hard-hitting beat and showcases Ryles signature drill flow. Some fans are comparing it to his previous hit, "Big Drip," while others are calling for a return to the styles used in songs like "City of Gods," "Off the Grid," and "Paris to Tokyo." The song's music video, shot in 4K, has been praised for its high-quality visuals.

The rapper's fanbase are praising performance, with one commenter stating, "Fivio has made a name for himself; as a fan, I'm proud of him." Another fan from Zimbabwe expressed their love and support for the rapper, while a listener from Colombia offered a salute.

However, some followers are questioning the legitimacy of the song's view count, which rapidly increased from 100k to 1 million in just a few hours.

Lyrically, "Hot Sauce" touches on a range of topics. Some fans have speculated that the song includes a diss aimed at fellow Brooklyn rapper OMB Jaydee. Others have suggested that Fivio is taking shots at Drake or Pop Smoke, both of whom he has collaborated with in the past. The song also features a line referencing Atlantic Records, sparking speculation about who Fivio might be targeting with the diss. Some are interpreting the lyrics as a shot at fellow Brooklyn rapper 22Gz.

The beat, which features a flute that many have found catchy. Enthusiasts also picked up on some of the song's deeper meanings, with one writing that "Fivio always giving life lessons at the end of the song," and another pointing out that the lyrics "They couldn't break my mother's son" are particularly powerful.

One notable aspect of the fan reaction is the debate over Fivio's status as a self-made artist. Some of them argue that he is not truly self-made because he signed a deal with a record label, while others argue that he has worked hard to build his brand and deserves recognition for his success.

As we said just above, one of the most common themes in community debates is is a love for the beat of the song, which many have described as "amazing" and "fire." Some fans have even identified the source of the beat, which they say is a tribute to the late Gabonese artist Oliver Ngoma.

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