Freshy Kanal, WoodenHornets, 954Mari - Travis Scott vs. Michael Scott lyrics

Freshy Kanal

[Freshy Kanal, WoodenHornets, 954Mari - Travis Scott vs. Michael Scott lyrics]

I'm taking this Mike and bossing you ()
I ain't the type to follow suit's ()
Your bitch in my ride on company time
We're mixing like Jan ba Juice (Straight up)
I can take a pill and pop it
You the kind to pop a
Pill inside somebody's coffee
Got no drip like you're the off-ice (yeah)
Get those condoms out your wallet
Throw 'em to the side, yeah
You get those goosebumps every time
That a girl looks in your eyes call me Ryan
I'll set your home alight, yeah (It's lit)
Why was I put against you?
When it comes to Michaels, gimme the Bluth

Hеre's the thing, umm
When I approvеd this fight
I read the name "Travis Scott"
And I assumed that he'd be why
I asked my man Stanley
If he had rap slang handy
He said "no", and I'm glad because
Then I'd have an advantage
Don't need the bling or the swaggage (No)
To kick you straight outta Scranton (Woo)
You're making cash with your albums
But the paper we make, we planted (Bang)
No toy with the Travis Meal?
Did Kylie take all the plastic? (What)
Kevin can tell that your fans are bad
Covered by pricks like a Cactus, Jacques
(Ha ha ha) came from England in the 2000s
20-01 Savage
Been winning Dundies, so count 'em
You've got six Not-Grammys
This was fun, right? Uh, but I've got to ask
Trav you should come to our Halloween party
Just not as Batman

Do I think it went well? Mmm, let me put it
This way you're looking at the
Newest member of Migos, probably um
I'm not even in Migos

I'm writing masterpieces
Even when I'm highest in the room (Alright)
You write the baddest screenplays
Like you were hired for The Room (Bang)
My beats are way too big
You'd think I'm buying them from Shrute
When you dine at Chili's
That's the only time you in the booth
You won't hit the podium
Take it from Nickelodeon (Alright)
Think they'll get Sweet Victory
Then I go Sicko Mode on 'em (Tay Keith)
My manager got me
I can go platinum in less than a fortnight
Got it? (Fortnight)
Your colleagues so loud and obnoxious
You might as well manage a Fortnite lobby
If time is money then look at my Rollie
I get more sex than the doll in your office
My life a rollercoaster, Astroworld
You would be too short to get on it
Got Benjamin Franklin on all of my M's
You got Benjamin Franklin to
Strip for your friends (Whoa)
Don't play pretend, my face is on billboards
You got your face on cement ()
While Pam was picking up phones, baby
(Phones) you was picking her mom up at 8
If your employees are family, then
You must be Donald Klump, baby

That's it! You're the fall-off-the-stage guy
Someone should inform your mother that
Maybe you can't fly (Woo)
I drop, La Flame
And it's not a fire drill either
We're not, the same
My hair isn't built like a spider
Let's see, what the
Crowd thinks when your autotune's broken
Belting can't hold up without it
(Boom, roasted)
You're Andy with even less talent
(Boom, roasted)
Blame Kanye more for your drama (Woo)
While I parkour to Rihanna (Woo)
I'd sooner bone Toby than go to
Your stupid Second Life concerts (Damn)
Did Jenner get fed up with
All those ad-libs in bed? ()
You came last, and that's not
What she said (Ha ha ha)

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