Gato - No Problems lyrics

[Gato - No Problems lyrics]

Yeah yVN, WakerMakers
As I watch the blunt burn
I tell it's niggas like this

The prosecutor's got a problem cuz
I'm Haitian
The district attorney want me to go to prison
I got some money in my pocket
All that shit for dealing
They shot some nigga on my block
Everybody still silent

Make a move in the pocket, I'm making
But sit down with the homies
I run it back like
Stuck my tool in my pocket
I'm in the club with a rocket
Got my head in your bitch
But she tell me to squeeze it
Got a bitch wholing up
Got a bitch fixing dreads (Oui)
I go in no security, got a K with a scope
With my red and blue flag
Niggas know I'm a Zoe
I put Creole like this:
"Ko'nan giet manman’w bitch!"

I got no problems (Awn)
Nigga no problems, you heard?
No problems (Ko'nan giet manman’w)
Sale! I got no problems

I tell'em: ", I'm getting money right now"
(Oui) i'mma outta town and you not
I'm on the block and you not (Awn)
Man how the fuck can that be?
Because it that was my block
I come around you to shot and
Watch your pussy ass bleed
Your buddy called the cops and paying
Your pussy ass face down
Through your fucking knees with
Your pussy ass sticks
As I spit and shit all over your grave
Then mash and dash over your soft ass grace

I got no problems
Nigga, no problems (You heard?)
Awn! No problems, motherfucker
Awn! No problems

The prosecutor's got a problem
Cuz I'm Haitian
The district attorney want me to go to prison
Got some money in my pocket
All that shit for dealing
They shot some nigga on my block
Everybody still silent

No problems, you heard! (Awn)
I got no problems (Awn)
Nigga no problems, bitch! No problems (Awn)

I went from selling them crack
In a small alleyway
On the side of a building in
The middle of bright day
Now I'm in Time Square in the back of a LL
On my way to have a on a
Time fly when I take a bad quarter
Juice and big feet
But they do chicks honey bun
In a house filled with crack
With a gun in my lap with my lil homie back
Watching the back of the house

Nigga no problems, you heard!
We got no problems, suckers
No problems, awn! Motherfucker, no problems

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