Gracy Hopkins - Gynephobia: Naked lyrics

For real, i should have told you that
I changed the plan
Allow my mind to have some rest now
Elevated confidence, I can see it
Seen them niggas at your feet
Is that why you're at your best now?
Anything I did for you, I won't talk about it
Peep your entourage, full of thirsty niggas
And them hoes you used to hate
But now they stayin' on your couch
I ain't even tryna judge you baby
Own your house
Evolution faded, you was breathtaking but
Now you stay the realest
But the rest fake it
Think about it once again
Now you lookin' like your friends
And by friends, i mean all the pretenders
Taking all your things
Yeah, but who am I to talk about your friends
I don't even know them
So don't pay attention
But, if I see you down
I'll have the instant same action
While you busy taking shots at
Me in Instagram captions

I stay the same nigga, with or not with you
I see you wanna hate me, go ahead baby
But, I stay the same nigga, do your own shit
And I'll do mine, that's the end baby
Yeah I stay the same nigga
I won't play that game
Really do your thing, go ahead baby
But, I stay the same nigga, do your own shit
And I'll do mine, what an end baby

I mean I'll stay with the
Crew, only do music
Mix that with life for the potion
I ain't fuckin' with no
Vixen, bitches ain't shit
Pardon a man for the notion
I tryna see you like more than that
But niggas got your name in
The YT comments section
Cause they know nothing but the fact that
You're sexy, if I didn't know you
I'd have common answers but yeah they bogus
I see some shit that they can't notice
Stop playing roles, I can
Feel your true nature
I can read you and you know this
Even when you focus you cannot lie to me
You paralized, you see
I can read it in your eyes
The truth hit you and you recognizing me

My heart is beating, my mind is thinking
In the ocean of life, my soul is sinking
In myself I should have a tower of trust
Get a year of loneliness, money
Health rather than a hour of hugs
Feelings have the same strength than
The power of drugs
They say red is the color of love
But the red just reminds me of
The blood that is dripping
Tell me baby am I tripping?
Tell me baby am I sleeping?

Bonne nuit bonne nuit
J'ai fait un rêve mais dans mon
Rêve je faisais un cauchemar
Je me suis réveillé en sursaut et sur ce je
Ne sais plus ce que je dois croire
À ce qu'il parait la nuit
Tous les chats sont gris
À ce qu'il parait la nuit
Tous les négros sont grillés
Le manque de vie, le manque
D'argent, la peur du vide, la peur des gens
Moi je ne suis pas courageux
J'ai juste peur d'être lâche
Hun, courage, fuyons, trop de frangins
Qui se soulagent au pilon, bref
Dites moi docteur, est-ce que c'est grave?
Dis moi mon cœur, est-ce que je suis brave?
Et puisque l'amour rend aveugle
Quel drame de devenir aveugle alors
Qu'on a peur du noir
Nique ton arc-en-ciel, Nyctophobia

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