HS87, Audio Push, Hit-Boy - Caution lyrics

[HS87, Audio Push, Hit-Boy - Caution lyrics]

I just spent a quarter
Million dollars on taxes
So catch up to my bracket
You ain’t shootin' of my basket
I’m the bright son, that is sure
All in the face, no Braxton
How many millions did I make this year
Four? That’s fantastic
And since she knows I got pesos I’m
Living the real life bang bros
That mean I’m in Emmit Smithin'
These hoes and running to
I’m just 22, small problems, nothing to ‘em
No confusion me and my niggas cause havoc
When we have mobbin' deep i’m a prodigy
Put you on ice like a hockey team
That’s my prophecy, you should follow me
I’m ain't talking that Twitter shit, I’m just
Talking the realer shit, Ted Bundy
That’s killer shit

Caution, caution, caution
Killing niggas after him
Caution, caution, caution
Big bossing, feeling fucking nausea
Caution, caution, caution
Killing niggas after him
Caution, caution, caution
Big bossing, feeling fucking nausea

Alright, I’m actually getting green
That’s the C-Lo dough
Rest in peace to Marley
Jermaine, Jakie and Tito, bro
Breaking all the penal codes
Rather make it Peter Rose
She see me, she see that gold, my money off
Now she go low
I’m getting paper, feeling like a player
You’re waiting on the world to change, boy
You John Mayer take a girl and slay her
Sleep with both her friends, i’m going in
Real nigga came up out that
Gudda like a bowling pin and here I go again
Talk shit's or no talking
I’m like John Wild with this balling
Wizard, kill her, no name calling
Be the gummy water flossing, we are gators
No lacrossing
In that coffee you get toasting all
This ball is so exhausting
So I’m screaming out

HS87 the hottest
That’s the word on the street
Boy we crappin out on these rappers
Like birds on the beach
Any haters kill em all, you ain’t with us
You suppose to die
You dummies couldn’t get division
So we multiplied
Oktane, that young nigga, that Jimmy Roll
That boy and your girl is that
Model chick, that centerfold, my toy
I be playing playing be playing with her
When you leave I land with her
Double trouble I slay your sister
And leave the scene
I ain’t staying with her
Twenty four around the clock, I’m on my job
Looking for the realest, meet the mob, nigga
Now you’re talking of bosses
All about winning, never no losses
Money just spinning flip summer salting
We stare when we try to stop him
Oh yeah we call it

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