HS87, K. Roosevelt, Hit-Boy, Audio Push - You Wouldn't Believe It lyrics

[HS87, K. Roosevelt, Hit-Boy, Audio Push - You Wouldn't Believe It lyrics]

HS87 winning
If you ain’t with it go to Hades
I’m sicker than a snot nose
Baby with the rabies
I went from holding those rockets
To hawkin like the McGrady not a florist
But, I have you pushing daisies
If you play me
Yeah you test me and you die die
You niggas faker than five lies
That’s your girl, I killed her cat
You better pray it got nine lives
I’m head first like skydive, with
The best step up, nigga, why try?
We got more colors then tie
Die, with the future nigga, no sci-fi
Got two things on me, feeling like Rambo
Pocket full of money and a whole lot of ammo
She said boy, I speak Spanish
I said "como te amo?"
She said boy, you dress so nice
I said "that’s fero te gamo"
If it’s party time
You know I got that stank
And I got that drink
Like a shot that ain’t all
Net I got that bank, i got that bank
And if you wear chain you probably get a rash
I take your girl and I hit her fast
You come to my hood, you Luke Walton
You won’t get a pass nigga

And when you see it you won’t believe it
You know you need it

I know when I hit the stage
Your hands better be up
Because I’m only spitting crack
You niggas better re-up
And any argument the hardest clique
Still won’t be enough
So when you’re talking about the best
Nigga it better be us
What you gotta figure out
We’re the hardest niggas out
Got that crack that’s missing everywhere
That y'all be talking bout
It’s them young niggas with new cars
I pulled up to that new crib
That’s HS87 making all the moves
You wish you did
Nigga we on and gone stay on
And a bad girl we ain’t laid on
I could do this all day long
Up and up you get valeted on
Your girl just like a payphone
If I’m in her slot she’ll stay on
I can kick it like Chun-Li, Ryu, nigga
Fei Long all you can do is stand there
And look like that nigga’s amazing
I mean, listen to him
He fit out in wordsand
Phrases that nigga crazy
Wait, back, back, I don’t know you, chill
Flow too sick and I rap too ill
You need that crack and when you go too still
If we ain’t on the spot I don’t know who will

And when you see it you won’t believe it
You know you need it

We used to be number ten
Now we’re permanently in
There ain’t no treatment for this shit
We’re terminatelly ill
Shit we mercilessly kill every
Fucking thing moving
Watch me prove it, I just do it
On my Nike shit I’m zoomin'
And I know they love me, cause Discog
(raphy) star heavy
But, I’m tired of the interviews already
Bout to drop the game like the ball heavy
Now these hater niggas bring up cause
I’m ball heavy call Jerry
How the fuck they dropped an
Album, ain’t no fillers
They must have a team
Full of contract killers
Nah I’m realer, new thriller, MJ
These bitches quicker than
The dominos deliver
Go ahead read through my scripters
Cause this real shit, I
Wreck shit, all quoteables, no flex shit
Y'all supposed to know, I blessed
It, and it’s number one, no question
Like AI i answer, crossed over
Got my advancer
I’m the newest member of Sam’s club
Meaning I getting get no tax cut
Taking bitches to school when
Your papers due by i’m just out by the
Pool spending changes Dubai
Like the fucking bull’s eye I
Am aiming at you, niggas
And it ain’t no competition
Getting vain with my addictions

Make money money money

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