J Neat, Burna Bandz - LIT lyrics

[J Neat, Burna Bandz - LIT lyrics]

(No way, Hozay)

Bitch, we sellin' fiends, we
Ain't sellin' dreams, yeah, ah
I don't want your body, get
Up on your knees, yeah, ah
All them shooters in my circle
Ride with me, yeah, ah
I pull up with killers in
The back seat, yeah, ah
I ain't never had no stick, cro
Had to give me one, yeah
I was still spinnin' blocks 'til
I had catch me one, yeah
It was me and Twin at
Each side, ain't no one-on-ones, ayy
I remember we had glizzys, we
Had to perk the dons, ayy
It's me and Burna in the trap, we
Ain't gon' leave 'til it's dawn, ayy
I can't trust nobody, put my trust in a gun
I be smokin' SD 'til it hurt my lungs, yeah
I be smokin' Stenno, I'm smokin' Dubz
(No way, Hozay) , yeah
You don't want no war with
Us, my new opps, yeah, they bitches
And they cliquin'
We the ones that leave no witness
(Grrah, grrt)
Pop out shootin' with precision
We make packs, I ain't gotta say
I be shootin', but I be prayin'
We still dodgin' investigations
Heard he be trappin', but he ain't savin'
(Whoo, whoo, yeah)
Look at the flick of the wrist, ah
She think she feelin' my dick, ah (I don't)
But she be feelin' the clip, ah
Yeah, ah, I got a 30, the clip, ah
G-26, it fit in my pocket
I ain't gotta put it on my hip
She wanna fuck before she met me
Think she feelin' the drip
And I be ballin' like I'm LA, bitch
I shoot with clips (Grrt, grrt)
And I feel like I'm Fivio
She fell in love with a Crip (Brr)
Yeah, you know that we lit (It's lit)
Yeah, you know that we lit (It's lit)

Yeah, yeah, you know that we lit
Come through blowin' shit
How you gon' play both sides
Like I won't notice it? (Huh?)
I see the shade through the Cartier tints
Hopped in the coupe
Then I hopped in the Benz (Skrrt)
Fucked the lil' ho, I ain't call her again
(O oh)
Got demons on call when it's time to sin
(yeah) it's still fuck the opps
That's just what it is
That's just what it is, most of these niggas
I swear they pretend (Pretend)
Diamonds, they glisten, they be hard to miss
We shootin' shit in the Six like Vince
Amiri jeans and Dior prints (Christian)
Jump out gang, I'ma take that risk
Threw it all in the pot
Had to take that chance
And I ain't fell off ever since then
(No way, Hozay)
I don't wanna fuck, bitch, give me that head
I don't wanna fuck, so I count these bands
She feel this Glock 19 in my pants
She love the way how these diamonds
They dance (yeah)
I do what I want, they do what they can
We brought them drums out like we in a band
I hit the switch, let it blow like a fan
Free Baby K and 4-7 out that jam, yeah, yeah
Long live Houdini, I'm big Houligan
'Member we took a plug down for ten
I don't want that Glock if
It ain't fifth gen' (Nah)
Had it gone before it even land
And the bricks came in with a stamp (yeah)
Sippin' lean, I been living too fast
In the SRT, doin' the dash
And I got a bad bitch head in my lap
Don't circle my block
We gon' send 'em right back
And I hang with real shooters, go 'head
Check the stats
Bad bitch, and she ride like a Scat
Ain't talkin' 'bout Apple
But we play with MACs
Came a long way from bleachin' in the trap
Northside of Jane, yeah, we been on the map
Put my hood on my back, yeah (That's right)

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