Jake, Papa, Audio Push - You Knew That lyrics

[Jake, Papa, Audio Push - You Knew That lyrics]

I’ve been out of state but you knew that
Getting money always but you knew that
I be in the club on a wave
Turnt spilling champagne on my J'z
But, you knew that
Really with the shit but you knew that
I can have your bitch but you knew that
She just might choose on boss
And you just might have to take a loose

We can go whip for whip if you like
Go bitch for bitch if you like
Cuz you know it ain't really no thing for me
Cuz really I’m just out here
Puttin’ on for mine
And you could you could never what
I do I do better ah but you knew that

You know I need that fast crème
You know you only needing price if you ask me
You know you sleep on me
You wake up out a bad dream
Jake&Papa, Price and Oka
Meet the tag team killers
I bet a mil on that
Your ass fat, let me feel on that
You got plans
Well run it, we can build on that
This ain't the gram
But fuck it girl I'm still gon tap

Even thou I got a girl
She don’t really give a damn
The way I’m on tour
She always trying chase the man
Shaking off your BM aM to the PM
Cuz she know a real nigga
Every time that she see him
See, you need the rari to pull it
I shoot the game and sweats on dress hanging
Bet she bite the bullet
And I count my losses boy
Cuz I don’t lose much
I won’t move, bet your girl choose up

Cuz really I’m just out here puttin’
On line And you could
You could never do better but you knew that

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