JayteKz - Fairytale lyrics

[JayteKz - Fairytale lyrics]

I said I'm sorry that I'm fucked up
I wish I could be better
But it's pouring in my heart
It's a stormy weather
Won't forget her cuz she dealt with all of my bullshit
She deserve better
Fuck dealing with my foolishness
Yeah I know I am a piece of shit
Why the fuck do you think I hate being me and shit
I need another fix
Someone quickly patch me up
I can't exist not unless I have these fucking drugs
And I'm sorry
I know my love ones probably think less about me
Trying to stay afloat but I swear to God I'm drowning
Every step I take feels like I'm climbing up a mountain
I'm running out of strength
I'm running out of patience
I've been losing faith
Will you save me before I take my life away
Please save me
Someone take this knife away

Look me in my eyes
(Look me in my eyes)
Tell me what you see
(Tell me what you see)
Hope one day I'll find
(Hope one day I'll find)
Peace inside of me
(Of me)

Suicidal thoughts, suicidal dreams
Once you realize that nothing's ever what it seems
Used to think life would end up like a fairytale
To not blink then woke up in this lonely hell
Lord, forgive me for my downfall
But this weight is too much for me to stand tall
So I crawl and I cry by my lonesome
I get lost in these tides of emotions and fuck
No I can't swim
Feel the heat come from hell on my damn skin
I've sinned in my past, no I won't lie
I've sniffed in the bathroom a couple lines
(Fucking high)
Ah fuck, here I go again
Blurting out a bunch of bullshit I've soon regret
Please forgive me I've beg you
If I become an angel, I will protect you

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