Joey Shady, Chief Keef, OJ da Juiceman - Won't Finesse Me lyrics

Keith Farrelle Cozart

[Joey Shady, Chief Keef, OJ da Juiceman - Won't Finesse Me lyrics]

Joey Shady, GLO up cap gang, gang, GLO GANG!

Diamond on my wrist yeah
I'm lookin' real sick
Got guaped up now these bitches on my dick
4 chains on call me mister walkin' lick
Bet you won't finesse me cause
You're a lil bitch!
Runnin' thru a check that I already spent
Fuck all my exes hell nah I ain't bent
Now I'm glo'in up and they are all dead
Guess thats what happens when
You're a fuckin' fed
Gang shit man, you know how we fuckin' rock
Never gonna stop til' we glo'd up to the top

What I spent on my watch man
I coulda bought a brick
My money so long I think
I shoulda bought some stands
Man I get so high I don't
Think I could belong in here
We Buckin choppas up them boys like
Look they show and tell
Watch me by my L'z middle fingers to shondale
I smoke alot of L'z and I don't
Care if I rot in hell
I'm a walking atm man I
Swear I'm a talking mill
Cause what I spent on a car
Man I coulda bought a crib
Flex finesse flex finesse
See the money bitch I get watch
Me thumb through a check
Or splash splash splash splash
Man I coulda bought a jet
With a big booty bitch flex flex flex flex
What I spent on my rims
I coulda paid your rent
Flex flex finesse finesse
I coulda bought a range rover
With this cash I'm throwing flex

Hundred round my wrist
Three hundred thousand on my neck
Yeah watch me flex baby girl
I'm a walking check
I'mma bag I'mma sack make these
Ho niggas look sick
What I spent on a crib coulda
Went and bought a jet
Flex flex flex flex flex flex
Man I coulda bought a jet
Flex flex flex flex flex flex
Man I coulda bought a jet

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