Jonathan Young - Specialz (Jujutsu Kaisen Song) lyrics

Jonathan Young [San Diego, California]

[Jonathan Young - Specialz Jujutsu Kaisen Song lyrics]

You are my special

We're dancing on the edge of
A moment in Tokyo
The capital of the front line
Let's struggle on the very edge of death
And then you've got to show
Us all, we know that you're impolite

I love you, baby
so let's keep on singing out
Although you're outlandish
And maybe you're foolish

Each move you're making
Is burning my heart out
And if I run I will lose control
You are my special

Can't you make me crazy
You're driving me mad I'll consume
I will eat everything to the fullest
Rendezvous in the lifelong maze that we had
I'm dizzy in this labyrinth
You are my special

A word that's spinning freely
You shouldn't be glad
No, no, no why are you so clear in the head
Rendezvous in the lifelong maze that we had
Don't care what anybody says
You are my special we're special

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