[meme project by Oddwin]

Heh heh, huh huh
Yeah, you know it's Krabs in this bitch
(Money) double the ice on my wrist (Cash)
These real bills, I don't do counterfeit
Don't want fame, I'm just tryna get rich
(Uh, huh)
If I see a penny, I'ma pinch (yeah)
Came up from nothing, I made every cent
(Heh heh heh heh heh)

They know I'ma stunt in this bitch (Ok)
Diamonds shine like a star in this bitch
(Haha) got a brand new car in this bitch
Never grinded too hard for this shit (yeah)
Jellyfish with the flick of the wrist (Flick)
Feelin' like Sandy, I'm kickin' out shit
(Heh, yeah) just like karate
She really callin' me "Sloppy"
(Huh) , but she givin' sloppy (Ehh eh)
Bubble blowin' in the party (Ehh eh)
Krusty Krab, I'm in the lobby (Ehh eh)

Countin' this money a hobby
(Money) , Krusty Krew, that be the mafia
The competition tryna copy (yeah)
But they'll never get hands on the formula
(Hol' up) betta' go hide ya' bitch
We doin' a panty raid
Look at the stacks we made
Yung Patrick and Krabs gettin' paid today
Patrick and Krabs gettin' paid today (Paid)
These Planktons and Karens
They know it ain't safe
They know it ain't safe from me
If you want the sauce, then pay the fee

Eh heh, Eh heh, Eh he-e eh ok (Huh)
Krusty Krew in this bitch (Leedle leedle lee)
Yeah (Leedle lee)
Aha, can't wait to get my royalties from this
(Leedle leedle lee) mr squidward!
You're not getting any royalties from this
Get the hell off the track

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