Lil Tjay, Coco Jones - Grateful lyrics

Tione Daylan Merritt

[Lil Tjay, Coco Jones - Grateful lyrics]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm God's child
Oh oh, oh, oh oh I'm grateful, I'm grateful
I'm grateful, so, so, so, I'm grateful
Yes, I am, I'm grateful

Came home, got rich from a bid
Matter fact got rich from a kid trust God
Nigga still keep a Cig 'cause the past burnt
Out and we did what we did
Told you I'ma change ways, I
Lot of times could've die but I lived
Catalogue could've died but I'm back
Owe, God no lie, you my nigga
I ain't really tryna say too much
But honestly I just really wanna thank You
Whenever problems my way, I could bank You
I was locked up, I had shackles on my ankles
Now I'm livin' my life
I remember when I thought
I wasn't comin' home
Remember when I thought I was alone
Hope is a gift, I was dumb and wrong

I'm grateful (I'm so grateful)
I'm grateful (For everything)
I'm grateful (So grateful) I'm grateful

I thank God that I woke
Up, some people didn't, this shit crazy
'Cause, I'm still lookin' fast
Take a look in
My past from the spot that I miss
Still amaze me I'm champion, leader
It's a different phase, I want no hazy
Non violent, steady killin' these babies
Them innocent babies
Baby, we can change this shit
One day at a time and it's crazy, I guess
My angel's lookin' over, got me fine
I'd be paralyzed, no lyin'
The opps want me dyin'
But that wasn't destined for me

More life, more life, whoa
More life, more life, whoa
More life, more life, whoa (More life)
God's child, God's child
(I am, I am) , God's
Child, God's child (I am, i am)
God's child god's child, yeah
I'm grateful, I'm grateful (Great) , grateful
I'm grateful lord, I am so grateful
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm grateful, I am, I am, I am, I am
I am grateful

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