MGK, Trippie Redd - Time Travel lyrics


MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] Colson Baker [Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.] 🇺🇸

[MGK, Trippie Redd - Time Travel lyrics]


When I die, leave my chains on
While I'm alive, I rolled it, light
It, smoke it, get me high
But that's just how I brainstorm
Ain't this what we made for? Light a blunt
Jump on a cloud and then I fly away and
I can't make it rainstorm
I've been up, this day 4
Choppin' up cocaine more
Pullin' out in that wraith car
Pistol in the side door
Watch you feel alive for?
This ain't what we cry for
This ain't what we die for
Missile, that's my sidearm

Leave out the crib in all black with a
Mask got me feelin' like Christian Bale
I gotta cross out the faces on pictures 'cos
Everyone dead or end up in jail
Fucking this bitch from the back
But, I won't say her name 'cos
I do not kiss and tell
Know that I'm heaven sent
But off the medicine
Bitch I might just give them hell

We gon' ride for this they gon' die for this
Back outside with this
Change your mind with this
We gon' ride for this they gon' die for this
Back outside with this
Change your mind with this

Don't got time for this out my mind for this
Too on sight, bitch
Gotta see both sides to shit
It's for life with this
It's on sight with this
We got sights for this
Got my stripes from this

When I die, put my gang on
They know where my grave goin'
Bury me back at Cleveland
Inside of the coffin
Sleeping with the fangs on
I'm a real demon, keep a chainsaw
I might fuck this bitch with my chains on
Don't ever let the money change y’all
I was high as fuck in the ozone
She was high as fuck off the unknown
She gon' blow like a trombone
We gon' let off the drumroll
That's a drum solo anaemic with the shit
A heater with the shit
I'm hitting like I'm Derek
Jeter with the shit
I'm sleeping with the shit
I'm paranoid, keep me a reaper with the shit
They creepin' with the shit

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