Major Lazer, Chronixx - Where I Come From (Get Free Rhythm) lyrics

Ooh Lord ooh ooh ooh
Yeah "Tell me weh you come from, Chronixx
Woah woah woah" i'm not from around here, eh
Yeah where I come from
Hey major Lazer, Major Lazer, Major Lazer
This is the remix, man zinc Fence

From I was a baby, wrapped up inna nappy
Me never ever like fi see mi mummy unhappy
So me go marry to the money under a canopy
'Cause me believe say every
Black man can happy
Because mummy love jewelry, daddy love things
Me and Teflon fi have house fi kill
Upon the hill grandma waan the house fi build
When mi say "Hi!"ll, me a
Talk 'bout close to Jill, woah
And me no know 'bout Jack
When it comes to money, mi say
Me know 'bout that
And if a, JSE, mi say, me sure 'bout stocks
And if a, make it inna life
Chronixx sure bout that woii woii

Where I come from everyone is happy
So me call Walshy and tell him fi say

Gwan go tell Wall Street that I'm coming soon
Been dreaming 'bout money all afternoon
Because making money is always on my mind
Ooh Lord go down a West pon a piece of land
And farm the highest, then that's the plan
Because making money is always on my mind
So, from you diss the motherland
That means you diss your Father
Woulda like fi build a house inna Addis Ababa
Drive 'round inna the whole
Of Africa and stretch
Mi hand to every ghetto youth, and say
"Nuh this you ask fah?" poverty, me curse it
Mi pocket weak until me haffi nurse it
So me ago hustle, try entrepreneurship
'Cause me haffi sweeten mi
Account like Hershey's i said

Where I come from everyone is happy
But dem bring we beyond, down a Caribbean
Take we to a place where everyone is crying
Crying! Woah woah where I
Where I come from everyone is happy
Ooh Lord, ooh Lord walshy
Where we come from everyone is smiling
But dem bring we to a
Place where people a bawl hey
Ooh Lord ooh ooh ooh Lord, ooh ooh ooh Lord

Walshy Fire bring me inna the
Studio and say, "Voice nuh, chronixx"
So me lift up mi voice, understand it
People ask if me deh pon chronic
Dem fi know say a steam, we steam, and
Nobody can separate we from it
A so we dweet and Babylon panic
When time dem see we
Babylon get upset and start vomit eew!

Where I come from full up of gunman
But everyone a laugh because the likkle youth
Dem have food inna dem lunch pan
But, Babylon come down, and dem
Bring the guns down
And the youth dem get shoot down

Hey! A so we dweet everyday inna studio
Write and tweet everyday
People say, "Chronixx, couldn't so you stay"
Me tell dem, a so me born hey
And dem say, "Youth, stop the noise"
But me nah stop the noise 'cause me
Love sing and raise up mi voice
And make the world hear
And every boy and every girl hear
Whether you're Indian with curled hair, or
Ease! Hahaha
Sekkle! Yeah

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