Makin Seven, Solange, Playboi Carti - ACADEMY lyrics

Playboi Carti [Jordan Terrell Carter] Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.

[Makin Seven, Solange, Playboi Carti - ACADEMY lyrics]

Sir zdogin he stay flossin like he
Got something stuck in his teeth
It's prolly the diamonds nigga im him
In these pink short shorts
Nigga im sick of ballin’ like i
Sneezed on a court that
Was weak beat by skateboard p
They say u are what
U eat guess i ate that weed
So damn fly i hope he
Die thats what they say when
They see me ahh fuck
Look at this shit like hold on
Nigga look at my wrist i got so many so many
Lows so many diamonds so
Many hoes she overacheiver the way she
Suc ceed fuck me fuck you
And everyone else ice so cold im
Hot it might just melt
This songs a lie they tryna figure
Out how he so damn
Fly in them icecream tees wonder
Magazine issue for the team
Academia ballin’ like jordan fuck sheila he
A demon in a demon or
A cullinan blak out boys u
Never heard of them shit's
Goin down like them southeren people i
Get calls from the goverment
Niggax12 diamonds they pink like the
Cover for igor

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