Mir Blackwell, Ham Sandwich (USA), 954Mari - That Boi Gon lyrics

[Mir Blackwell, Ham Sandwich USA, 954Mari - That Boi Gon lyrics]

Yeah i keep me the chopp like I'm Tachibana
And me and my Bros, we just copped the hammer
And I'm throwing some shots like
I'm beefing with Mario
But like Diddy, my Glock's bananas
And shawty want rings like she sonic
But I keep that shit strictly platonic
See, the key to the beat
To have keys to the beat
If there's keys in the beat, then I'm on it
Three six to his face
Like that boi in the Mafia
That boi will be Gon
Like he chill with Kurapika
That boi will be gone
If he beefing with my nigga
That boi will be gone
In the LOOP there's no stopping us
Banana clip pointеd at his throat
He a Tropius ty Wild
He gave mе the bar just to rhyme with it
And LOOP at the top
So the shawties be topping it
I feel like a monster
I smoke on that Oddish bud
Hot box on the whip and I
Smoke 'till I'm out of bud
And my plug just sent me a pack
But it's not enough
Resetti, cause I'm on his block
And I'm poppin' up that boi needs gas
Tell that boi to come cop from us
And your bitch came to my crib
She not hot enough
She touching my body, she sealing my chakra
And she gonna give me big head, she a Sakura
This brick I'm like Mister Miyagi
I chop it up

This FN that's on me, it sing the opera
Pole finna blow like a soulful harmonica
COVID-19, how that Glock make you cough it up
Calling my bro for a favor like Alluka
Bus boy, we sweep for the block
Then we mop it up
30 clip aimed at your ass, that shit sodomous
Leaving you helpless so now you like Sakura
Dread head pockets
My guap getting knotted up
You don't get nada, my drip on sea level
That shit really nautical
I got that scope on my brow like a monocle
Smoking that grabba leaf
Blunt game botanical
Cut that bitch off like she wasn't canonical
I put my wood in that bitch like a popsicle
Cart got stuck and your shit barely pausable
You versus me? That is not very plausible
You don't want pressure
My mood very volatile

I swerve in that lane
And that boi just an obstacle
Clip on that gun long as General Hospital
Hit him with lead
Let my pencil go pop at you
I move to the bread, man
That shit isn't optional
I silence the Glock
So that shit wasn't audible
I be in the field, calling plays
Like an audible
I dropped a brick in the pot
Shit was soluble
He ain't talking money? that
Shit wasn't topical

She give me brain
But that bitch still illogical
Niggas ain't next me, niggas ain't proximal
Pushing my paper like a periodical
Your money silent, that shit barely audible
I need my payment, that shit isn't optional
I'm on the move, and I don't see an obstacles
They know my name that shit etymological
Stick on my side that shit maybe, wait
Stick on my side, that tommy anatomical
Dick is so big, that shit in her duodenum
Hit up the forge with the choppers
We moddin' 'em lift the metal with my
Homies I'm spottin' 'em i'm steady trappin'
These niggas is caught in 'em
We left 'em holy
The last time we fought with 'em
That guy a loser you won't
See me call with him eating these rappers
Put 'em in the pot with 'em so many checks
Don't know where to deposit 'em
That boi was acting sus, so we pausing 'em
They hated Ham last year
Now they lauding him
They ain't getting a piece, not a modicum
He get beheaded, I practice Wahhabism
Can't find his body
Don't know where we lodging him
Pull it out, and now she say that's a lot of
W W Well, y-y you know what it would it be
Ayyy, woo, woo, yuh, oh
Woo, woo, yuh, ay, yeah, oh, oh
Woo, oh, oh, oh yes sir (Yes sir)
Oh, woo, woo, woo, woo
I'm sick and tired of Mir, bro
Oh my god- if he hit's me
Up to do another song
I'm actually going to END HIS ENTIRE LIFE
I"m gonna shoot him, gonna shoot him
Gonna shoot him

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