Mozzy - 10 Percent lyrics

Timothy Patterson

[Mozzy - 10 Percent lyrics]

Uh uh uh, uh uh, fuck the suckers
Cry me a river about that nigga you just lost
Better slide for your members
(Let the beat ride out, June)

Fuck the suckers
Cry me a river about that nigga you just lost
Better slide for your members
Fuck the suckers, cry me a river
(yeah) about that nigga you just lost
Better slide for your members, yeah
How they gon' push up on you
When I push a button? (Huh?)
I could push a button
Have 'em push up on you
10K ahead, I got the hookup on you
(Got the hookup on you)
Niggas know me wеll, I don't sell dreams
Reapеr gon' approach you when
Them shells ring
Freedom bell rings, let my niggas loose
Got a hundred pounds in my daughter closet
I just need a addy, I could ship it to 'em
Kick one on the law 'fore I kick the juice
They lyin' if they told you
I ain't been the truth (Ah)
Ben & Jerry pieces got me cold body
Noddin' at the light, how that dope got me
Lotta things dancin' on my left wrist
(On my left wrist) all the bitches love me
All da bitches love me
You should see lil' baby that I left with
(That I left with)
She was thick as hell, on the verge of chubby
Niggas gettin' money 'round this bitch, yo
Standing on the business, all ten toes (yeah)
I could give a fuck if I offend hoes
Should’ve been upgraded, Baby Benzo
We could shoot somthin'
What it's hittin' for?
(What it's hittin' for?)
If you can get it gone
The product ain't a problem (yeah)
Rose Gold Rollie for my baby mama
Giving birth to a fella, wanna thank you
Mortgage on the crib, cost a twenty ball
Put it on your face if you piss me off
I can pick my nose, have 'em pick you off
(Mob) why you think this lil' dusty
Nigga glued to me? (Ugh)
The name that I established
What they living off
Had replied a blood diss
He ain't a goon to me
Post a half a ticket on my
Instagram, with yo' bitch sayin', "Cheese"
It's a move to me
We gon' do the Marni with the 'Miri hoodie
No, we gon' do the 'Miris
With the Marni hoodie
Quit asking why I signed to CMG 'nem
Advise you niggas not to get me started
Fuck whoever hatin', tell 'em, "Get in line"
(Get in line)
Rabbit-ass niggas barley getting by
(barley getting by)
Stupid-ass shit around your neck, boy
Nigga, that ain't white gold
That's not a twenty-five
Don't ask me what the time
I ain't set it yet (I ain't set it yet)
Better yet
I only bought it 'cause this bitch hittin'
('Cause this bitch hittin')
Don't compare me to that
Nigga ate your booty, bae
Me and dog is not the same
It's a big difference
911 Turbo with the stick shifters
Havin' pape' like Lou Gramm
And the big shifters (yeah)
The hatred ain't surprising
Niggas been bitter
Gangster party in the building
Once the clique enter
I don't be on twitter too much
They be typin' for me (They typin' for me)
Jeweler called
Said he got that Jilly Biden for me (Huh?)
New Key Presidential, this the forty-one (Uh)
Wire transfer been submitted
So you know it's up
Oh, you yellow taping shit? You
Ain't the only one
If I ever slid on your behalf
Then you owe me one
I don't play with niggas
Rather play with M's (M's)
Better never put the money over membership
This shit accessible to those under HGM
It's artificial in my eyes
If you don't benefit (Benefit)
June on the beat still my brother, brother
We wasn't never 'posed to fall
Out over ten percent

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