Nas - Speechless, Pt. 2 lyrics

[Nas - Speechless, Pt. 2 lyrics]

It's comin' up, right?
Yo, yeah

Y'all some drugs testers
My guess is, I won't be on your guest list
I'm unimpressed with doin' press kits
I'm good on lookin' desperate
I'm on the intersection exit, just missed a pedestrian
Bet that shit stone for years and still got room for perfection
Sometimes I random check it
Just to see if I still got it, to see it is still shockin', I'm
Was lost for words, ha
I be lost for words, still sellin' out Arenas and of course some merch
Got my Emmy nomination, I directed my first
Docu-series the EGOT is near me
Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, this is not no theory
Pourin' bottles of Hennessy, got me talkin' choppy
Over sample chops from Chauncey, I'm
I'm lost for words (Word)
Was lost words, ha
My mom told me, "Clean the room
Never shop with savings, son"
Great to have it now but when it triples, shop to death
I had a key around my neck, on a string
A curfew yes, a time to be back at my rest
And my peers, I will protect
There was pee all on the steps
Slipped when our sneakers got wet
Scared to grab that TEC but I had to get my respect, I was
Was lost for words
My guess is someone'll replace your soul
AI, is only here to replicate and control
Imitatin' the original then grabbed them a mold
Of the binary code, it's your patterns they stole
This my tactical flow, the one they can't redesign
You can redo the voice but you can never read my mind, I'm
Was lost for words
These times got me lost for words, that says a lot for a wordsmith
From the free cheese line to Prezi wine since my first shit
My old Earth left and she was here since my first steps
Therefore, my first words, I asked her where was my work desk
To put rulers to paper, draw measurement, use them later
Punch numbers in calculators, I'm happy to say I made it, I'm
Lost for words, I'm speechless
I'm lost for words at the state of my nation's consciousness
Either you woke or nationalist, it's the politics
I'm lost for words for black babies with low confidence
You could do it too if I win says the optimist
You ever see a wordless book? That does not exist
Say no more, I move letters like Don Cornelius
Rest in peace
Lost for words, I'm speechless

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