Phoelix, Jean Deaux, Smino - Taranphoeno lyrics

Cadillac, the drop, the back, the top
Dismantle blunt and DA never need no screen
No flick on the scene
Little TaranSmino dis my DA
International, went from imagine to actual
My hands got dirty, we did what we had to do
The band died first, when the bands diverse
The pounds came in, put the good weight on
Hand out's one thing if I could wait on
Never should wait long
Granny pulling them screens for
The sun rays form
Every hour the power of a real black woman
Feeling pressed in, look the worst in
Nigga row the boat
Crazy how a nigga came from St lou
Now I'm sayin bonjour
Constantly conquerin' in my world oh
Girl you're a gorgeous example of
What to blow on thinkin of lips
I'm thinkin' of different cookin' at home

Won't you see?
I can't believe you're callin' me names
Don't you be
So possessive why you fear that?
Don't you see?

Elemental fiend I've fucked around
And found a tempo
Great while around a mental
Focused, imperious to your credentials
Phony bony sentimentals dolo
Harry Potter spare or for the crib
Oh I've been up on thirty
Six bands off a piano
Cooked down the pussy then
Cleaned up the mantle
Just pointing out shit I don't
Know how to handle jacket and trench so you
Twenty forward and God on occasion I'll make
Motherfuckers still livin' at the mall
Motherfucker I'mma show you how to ball
Money ain't shit but check it
A bag of tricks
You different, if you can flip it
You will sell them fingertips
Take over the system and piss on the five
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