Playboi Carti - BACKR00MS (feat. Travis Scott) lyrics

Playboi Carti [Jordan Terrell Carter] Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.

Travis Scott [Jacques Bermon Webster II]

The song has clearly left a profound impact on its listeners, transcending the boundaries of cultural and geographical differences. It's remarkable to see how music can bring people together, even in the midst of challenging circumstances such as war. The listener from South Sudan expressed a powerful transformation brought about by the song, describing it as a "masterpiece" that changed their perspective on life. The song became a catalyst for unity, prompting individuals to put down their guns and dance, fostering a moment of peace. Others also share their appreciation, describing the song as an "exquisite masterpiece" that has inspired personal transformations, from weight loss goals to aspirations of becoming the President of the United States. The impact is not only emotional but also motivational, showcasing the song's ability to evoke a wide range of emotions and aspirations. The diverse reactions range from deep gratitude to admiration for the creators, referring to them as the "god of this universe." The praise extends beyond the song's musical qualities, acknowledging its potential to bring about positive change in individuals' lives. The various comments also reflect the global reach of the song, with listeners from different backgrounds and time periods expressing their thoughts.

[Playboi Carti - BACKR00MS feat. Travis Scott lyrics]

In the middle of the field, throw me a bomb, I'm throwin' that bih like a quarterback
Standin' in the field, holdin' a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback
Stood in the field, hold me a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback

Ice on my face, woah, bitches tryna chase, woah
I ain't ever flake, woah, tell me what it take? Woah
Tell me what it takes, woah, grab the duct tape, huh
We not the same gang, woah, ho, I bang, bang, woah
I'm with La Flame, gang, woah, we too insane on these hoes
I took off my mask, you know, they mad, I don't see below
And the hoes, they fuckin' the hoes, big rocks on me, so cold
If you know what I know, hide your ho, big cups, I'm sippin' flamingo
I was in the spot yesterday with my pops, my grandma still play bingo
Niggas want a problem with the gang, man, I don't know why but we goin' dumb, ho'
Shakin' my dreads in her face, this bitch a lil' vibe, put her in my demo
Fuck how they talkin', we poppin' this shit right now, yeah, huh, huh
Uh, I was just zombie, boy, can't feel myself, oh, yeah, yeah
Uh, she's a trendin' topic so I'm tryna pipe, oh, yeah, yeah
Ooh, hit it one time, then I'm out, hit it one time, then you out
Uh, fuck all these bitches and bops, all of these hoes are hot
Ooh, I'm walkin' around with a lot, pockets is filled with them knots
(Ayy, fuck this internet)
Bitch tryna sneak pictures, I don't give a fuck 'bout much
I think I need me a Ice Spice, yeah, I want me a munch

In the middle of the field, throw me a bomb, I'm throwin' that bih like a quarterback
Standin' in the field, holdin' a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback
Stood in the field, hold me a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback (Yeah, yeah)

Throw it like 12 (Yeah), just so you know we don't fuck with 12 (Fuck with 12)
Not in this bitch by myself, but I'm by myself (By myself)
They got money on your top, who say you can't buy help? (Tell the tale)
I'm feelin' like Joe or somethin', like Terror Squad, we blowin' somethin' (Hah)
She poppin' them 30s, thinkin' they workin', but they ain't doin' nothin' (Woo)
She doin' Ozempic, tryna be different, tryna be a newer woman (Nah)
That shit a look iffy, need her thick, needed her to move somethin' (Iffy)
Like it prove somethin', just don't you remove nothin' (Don't you do it)
Crib like a zoo, jumpin', we got reggae too bumpin' (Ha)
I need me two cummin', double-double, quick Drummond (It's lit)
I keep a full drum and never know what fool's comin' (Yeah)

In the middle of the field, throw me a bomb, I'm throwin' that bih like a quarterback
Standin' in the field, holdin' a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback
Stood in the field, hold me a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback

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About the song Playboi Carti - BACKR00MS (feat. Travis Scott)

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, certain artists have the power to transcend boundaries and create an unparalleled impact. Playboi Carti, the supreme entity hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, has recently dropped a bombshell that has sent shockwaves through the industry. The reactions from fans across the globe are nothing short of extraordinary, providing a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of emotions stirred by his latest release.

The Euphoria:
The overwhelming sentiment among fans can be summed up in four simple words - "WE MADE IT Y'ALL!!" This anthem-like chorus reverberates through social media platforms, capturing the sheer joy and triumph that listeners associate with Carti's music. From declarations of personal victories to exclamations of pure exhilaration, the collective celebration is palpable.

Travis Scott's Influence:
A notable observation amid the fanfare is the comparison of Carti's sound to that of the acclaimed artist Future. Some even go as far as to credit Travis Scott for carrying the weight of the song. It's intriguing to witness the diverse interpretations, showcasing the complex layers of influence and collaboration that contribute to the overall musical experience. One common thread in the reactions is the acknowledgment of Travis Scott's verse as a highlight. Fans appreciate the dynamic between Carti and Scott, with some likening it to the iconic duo of Batman and Joker, metaphorically turning the music scene upside down.

Varied Reactions:
Yet, not all reactions are uniformly positive. Amid the shouts of triumph, a dissenting voice arises, proclaiming this to be the "shittiest song ever." It's a testament to the subjectivity of musical taste and the challenge artists face in catering to diverse audiences. Carti's ability to evoke such strong, opposing emotions reflects the depth of his artistry.

A Global Phenomenon:
The narrative takes an unexpected turn with a heartfelt account from a 23-year-old man in South Sudan. In the midst of a war-torn life, Carti's music becomes a catalyst for an impromptu ceasefire, fostering a moment of unity and peace. This unexpected impact transcends the boundaries of entertainment, illustrating the profound reach music can have in even the most dire circumstances.

Personal Transformations:
Equally compelling are the personal stories of transformation inspired by Carti's music. A fan, once ensnared by drug abuse and darkness, testifies to the redemptive power of Carti's beats and lyrics. This is a poignant reminder of the ability of artists to serve as beacons of hope and catalysts for positive change in the lives of their listeners.

"BACKR00MS" is not just a song; it's a phenomenon that has touched the lives of individuals worldwide. The diverse reactions, ranging from unbridled joy to critical disapproval, paint a vivid picture of the multifaceted impact of Carti's latest release. As a music editor, witnessing the global resonance and transformative power of such music is a testament to the enduring influence of artists like Playboi Carti.
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