GRM Daily, Rimzee - Daily Duppy lyrics

Tryna get them close
They won't clock in the play
But they squeezed first and nearly
Shot me in the face
I remember when them armed jakes
Kneed me in the face
And took me off the road and
Left my block in a state live from the wok
All them floors that I mopped
Even in the shower I had my tuna in my sock
My next door locking down my
Phone and my nank made it out
I've gotta give thanks but
I still can't forget
When Killz was still there
When them things went left
I met him in the pen but
He's my bro till the end
Trials and tribulations
For years I was patient
Had me in them cells akh, with no sanitation
I greased some yutes down in the maddest way
For two days they had to barricade
For my celly I nearly warred the wing
I said you've gotta be on me
If them niggas on him i flooded Coldingley
If there was spice on your wing
Then it probably came from me
Five jails, had a nigga on tour
Plus they had my flap closed
I couldn't see outside my door
Today I woke up, I had a bowl of oats
Thinking I've got five more years to go
Got a letter from Gio, free my nigga Gio
Just sent my nigga Flash another VO
My brudda Kim wrote me
Said it ain't the same
I wrote that nigga back
I said I felt the same
I heard about your loss and I feel your pain
But the good die young, God's got his ways
Done a year already, nigga time's flying
My cellmate kidnapped a yute and
Burned him with the iron
Like me, thirteen he's riding
Like me, he's into mashes
Rapping and grinding
He told me a story and he told it well
I can't lie
Sometimes he talks and I see myself
I would love to explain a bit
But they called the last call
I can't be late for gym
Thinking about all that money I'm losing
Caught a big brudda
Now I'm sitting down for an ooting
Cause this life chose me, I didn't choose it
Before Islam I was in the
Church receiving Holy Communion

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