TheManBeHisLa - The Gamble (feat. McGwire, ZiggyCheez) lyrics




The music industry has seen a resurgence of creativity and innovation through the rise of independent artists, and one name that consistently stands out in the niche genre of nerdcore rap is TheManBeHisLa. His latest release, a track filled with references and clever wordplay, has sparked a range of reactions from fans and critics alike. The fanbase's response to TheManBeHisLa's new track has been overwhelmingly positive. Many listeners express awe at the artist's growth, tracing their journey from the earlier "sun god rap" to the present. The sentiment of witnessing the artist's rapid evolution is a testament to the dedication and talent that has propelled TheManBeHisLa into the spotlight. One striking feature of TheManBeHisLa's work is his adept use of references. Fans laud the artist for his ability to seamlessly weave callbacks to previous tracks into the current release. This not only creates a sense of continuity for long-time listeners but also adds an extra layer of enjoyment for those familiar with his discography. From nods to the "rustage cypher" to cleverly inserted lines from "Pirate Legacy," the references are a signature element that fans eagerly anticipate. The inclusion of featured artists, such as McGwire, adds depth and variety to the track. Fans appreciate the collaborative effort and acknowledge the unique contributions each artist brings to the table. While the majority of feedback is positive, some listeners offer constructive criticism. One fan notes concerns about vocal quality, suggesting that the artist's voice may come across as slightly muddled. This feedback, though minor, highlights the discerning ears of the fanbase, who remain invested in the artist's continuous improvement.

[TheManBeHisLa - The Gamble feat. McGwire, ZiggyCheez lyrics]

Fan fave back with the symbol crashing
Ransacked in the back while the fans were clapping
Sprang traps in attack now your captain's Afton
This bastion faction can't cap the action
Can't cap when my hats with the rubber man
Quick jab send em back to their motherland
Elbaf on my back find another land
I'm stacked you gon wanna take another clan
Beck-Man, Bend men, Break em
Roux top two roll out can't take him
Yassop shot top down he'll shake em
These my men can't forge can't fake em
These four getting more intense
When I raisе my sword know the courseevent
Point a pistol towards who I call my friends
Know a pistols morе than your empty threats
And yes I can hear the trumpet ,The drums are thumping
That boy that I made is becoming something
Joining the ranks with the strongest of names
Big shame he gotta catch The Rumbling
One two, One piece, No fruit, All me
Big shoes to fill they're going on my feet
Big news for mail top crew prevails
Laugh Tale is where you're coming to find me

I'm super fly man
I stand on business I don't hide it
On the waves or on the dry land
If man's a castle I'm an island

Quake Quake, Step in I lay waste
And they shake the weapon the blade staining in red
Names sake is evident vacate or share in the same fate
And rest with the lame fakes who claim they could take Shanks
But they couldn't so deep into a grave's where I put em
Jump heads, Put their face where my foot is
Ain't no one escaping you should've know
Facing the fitted, Honed king, You ain't getting home safe
If you're putting in the crosshairs loose footing faint when
The boss stare at em count the losses taken not there
Coware in called to face me they're all scared Peda-Peda called to face me
They're all the same see the pistols pointed won't draw the safety
They'll fall when I draw the blade
See me fight for my mates and the cause they gave me
New tomb for a parasite pull the sword you can't move now you're paralized
Zoom in the pair of eyes soon to be terrified
Killer, Kid, I cut through any pair I dice
Crews not comparing I'm too much to carry
I'm future moving knock fools into paradise move like a pair of dice
Gave my left a big bet on the new coming era like
Coin flip made the gamble, All men run when I raise the handle
When it's all done bro, Where'd the fun go?
Come for the one piece? Come get run those
I've cut through a houndred dumb folk
Blade is drawn on any crew I'm fighting
Take me on, Make your moves, I'm rising
Raise to dawn and let the new suns shining [_ ]

I'm super fly man
I stand on business I don't hide it
On the waves or on the dry land
If man's a castle I'm an island
I'm super fly man
I stand on business I don't hide it
On the waves or on the dry land
If man's a castle I'm an island

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