Vivziepop, Bryce Pinkham - Just Look My Way lyrics

Vivienne Medrano

Bryce Pinkham

[Vivziepop, Bryce Pinkham - Just Look My Way lyrics]

It is expected
An oath by blood to hold the tome
And the starlight passes overhead
Fuels all the skills I've honed
I am a guardian
A watcher of these ancient rites
Yet I find myself drawn from that path
On those dazzling moonlit nights

Let me hold you, keep you close to me
I long to hear your voice
But dearest, I know better now
I must give you this choice

I can give you everything you need
Or do you want to hear me plead?
Just look my way, just look my way
Is there something more that I don't know
That you won't say 'til
We've both grown cold?
Just say, please, stay, look my way

This unspoken contract
A deed we forged for mutual gain
If that's all this was when you're not here
What is this rooted pain?
I don't care that you're of lower station
Or primed to sate my dark temptations
Why can't you understand? Let me explain!

And I'm terrified, as I cry
To make these feelings true
What's left for me and my broken heart
If I cannot have you

Unless it's me
And no matter what in this world I could give
It's not enough
To get through the walls you've
Conjured up to live?
Is this what you feel? Scorned by
A realm that cannot comprehend what you are
So I'll grant you this mercy this bind
On our souls needs to end

I will try to make amends
For making you means to an end
So, look my way, please, look my way
And if there's something more
That I don't know?
I'll save us both before we grow cold
If you'll stay, and just say, "look my way"

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