Work ’n Progress, Nikko B.S., O.G. - We Back Track lyrics

O.G. [Ouisem Gasmi]

[Work ’n Progress, Nikko B.S., O.G. - We Back Track lyrics]

Right now i thought you didn't restart, bro?
Shut up

WP progression i'm a Nephilim
Google search if you're
Just pressing questions resurrection
Learn a lesson teacher and I'm back
Preacher when I rap backpack on my last lap
With this last laugh
Only speaking facts when I rap
Not speak in tongues i'm numb to the fact
That you're dumb to the fact
That Wolfpack outta the box like Jack
Outta the world and off the map
I'm mad like Max yeah, I'm mad like Max
Mel Gibson, don't listen
Deaf to the BS my own prescription
Fuck your life my own decisions
Fuck your wife my own decision
And I choose wisely, I choose nightly
I might be slightly truly fighting
The urge to fuck and splurge and cut
Cuz I'm not going back nicely
Flew the coop, cut the noose
Bleached the blues
Got the shots reach the hoop
Beat the news review that's where you stay
Fuck this town, where I lay
Where I lie, it's all lies
DC in the eyes no backtrack no rewind
My state of mind is stated fine
Far from ten and close to nine
Numbers, no wonder I'm lost like my summer
I'm a wolf, and you're thumper
Just call me, head hunter

This We Back Track no backtrack
Wolfpack on the fast track, fast track zoom

I'm probably pimping, drinking
Skipping school
Got my higher education I got
Better things to do
What city to rule my crew
Kings among thieves and thugs
Get the best girls and the Betta Drugs
Like the top, here we come
No one can stop us
It's Progress we pros at this
Floating, rolling, fighting, writing
I'm a tyrant bitch
Wolfpack, we know no limit's
Wolfpack, we fucking vicious
Wolfpack, I'm that Ginga killa
Spitta illa rhyme
Than Jigga in a shorter time
I get mine like gimme dat
Probably fucked your bitch with no jimmy hat
I'm raw
I'm the best that you ever done did saw
Haha, that's the last laugh i done had dat
Psycho, no backtrack
Might go bad rap mad wrath
No telling where we'll go we fast track
No slowing our roll we past that
There's havoc to be had
Hazards hardly humble a man some turn up
Little more than water in my dixie cup
Got a bitch too, think she drunk in love
I find her annoying but I love the song
Never hit the gym but I'm hella strong
Believe me, I beat up every beat I'm on

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