1914 - High Wood. 75 Acres of Hell lyrics

[1914 - High Wood. 75 Acres of Hell lyrics]

In the name of progression
We allowed machine guns murdering to succeed
With dreadnoughts, cannons and tanks
But nothing beats a cavalry which
Rushes at full gallop
Old fashioned chopping off heads
In battle there is no law

Fight your fight
Guide the horse onto thy enemy knead the mud
It's cavalry attack ride on fight
Aim your lance onto thy enemy
Hooves beat ground royal Dragoons attack
In the High Wood as scourge
The 47th Division
Trampling the foe in the mud of the forest
We will fight because the Lord is with us
And we will put the Germans to oblivion

Vengeance in death ride till i die
Chopping off heads enemy mine

Vengeance in death

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