1914 - The Hundred Days Offensive lyrics

[1914 - The Hundred Days Offensive lyrics]

Bombed last night
And bombed the night before
Going to get bombed tonight
If we never get bombed anymore
When we're bombed
We're scared as we can be
Can't stop the bombing sent
From higher Germany

They're over us, they're over us
One shell hole for just the four of us
Thank your lucky stars there are
No more of us
'Cause you can fill it all alone
Gassed last night
And gassed the night before
Going to get gassed tonight
If we never get gassed anymore
When we're gassed
We're as sick as we can be
For Phosgene and Mustard Gas is
Too much for me

They're warning us, they're warning us
One respirator for the three of us
Thank your lucky stars that two of us can run
So you can use it all alone

Keep your head down keep your head down
If you wanna stay alive
Forget about honour, forget about pride
And quietly crawl in the mud

Shot last night, shot the night before
We're gonna get shot tonight
If we never get shot anymore
When we're shot, we crawl as fast as we can
At barbed wire we're caught
In machine gun crossfire
They're killing us, they're killing us
One helmet for the two of us
Thank your lucky stars that one of us is dead
So you can wear it all alone and die alone

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