Audio Push - Ya Body lyrics

[Audio Push - Ya Body lyrics]

I love the way you move
Look at babygirl step, gotta be the dress
It fit her like a glove
Cos girl theres something
Bout' you, I can't seem to take my eyes off
I think I just fell in love

So I step up in the club, lil' mama bad
Love how her hair go down lil' mama back
Everything match from her dress to her bag
I don't see another girl movin' like that
And she movin' it right, so I gotta chase
And she stepped in here tonight
Model body nice face
She movin' it like, nobodys in the place
So I gotta make her mine
Put my hands on her waist and said

There's somthin' bout' ya body
Ya body, ya body, oh
There's somthin' bout' ya body

(your) ya body (your) ya body, oh

Yeah, In case you didn't know
Baby they call me Price
Drop top rippin' with my face in the light
Your body lookin' nice, make me look twice
I'll knock it out the park
While these other lames strike
No need to front' I want you here close
Cos' out of every girl i've
Been watchin' you the most
You got me tryna' tug at your body no rope
And if you roll with me
Guranteed we gon' coast
Girl if you can't see that
That i'm stuck in a trance
When i'm watchin' you dance
It's just you and me, so
Skip all your other plans
I'm tryna' be ya man girl
I think what i'm sayin' is clear
Cos' ain't nobody movin' like
You swaying in here
So ima pass your friends, grab your hands
Pull you close
And this is what i'm gonna say in your ear

Attention all the ladies report to the floor
You sayin' that you bad it's your
Time to let it show so do yo do yo two step
And let your hips flow ready, set, go
Now let it go now girl, now oooh your rockin'
Just let it flow now girl
Cos oooh your rockin'
Now take it to the floor
Floor, floor, floor, floor, floor, floor
Now pick it up slow, slow
Slow, slow, slow, slow, stop

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